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An Aladdins Cave of Objects of Desire – The Paint House.

October 7, 2013

Paint House Northcote Rd Convex Vintage Mirrors
Amongst the endlessly mundane interiors stores of South West London churning out the same gift-store-style homewares there is one store that uniquely charms me. It is rarely not on the money and there is always something surprising and eye catching. The items range from the purse pinching to the extravagant. This weeks entry is a passing nod to emporium of faultlessness  – The Paint House on Northcote Rd, Battersea.Read More


The Edit

October 3, 2013

pineapple wall sconce by Caravan at Abigail ahernMagnetic Bug Decorations Caravan store East LondonMagnetic Bee Decorations Caravan store East London

My favourite things at the moment: Caravan Style, Victorian scrapbooks, Wonderground and Lapin & Lapinova.

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