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October 17, 2013

Hendericks Gin & Pink Lemonade MixerMy favourite things at the moment: Gin & Pink lemonade cocktails, Soviet period children’s illustration, the sloping house in Margate, Alain de Botton’s Art as Therapy.


  1. This week I stole an idea for a new mixer from the lovely Instagram feed of NoteToSarah – Gin & Pink lemonade – just lush. Soon to become a staple in our household and I love re-using the embossed glass Lorina bottles – so pretty.Hendericks Gin & Pink Lemonade Mixer
  2. The release of new book ‘Inside The Rainbow’ details some amazing children’s book illustrations from Soviet Russia 1920-1935, if The Guardian’s glimpse into it is anything to go by this is a wonderful treasure trove of gems:         Inside the rainbow soviet Russia childrens illustrations
  3. This striking sliding house in Margate, which is the work of Hackney artist Alex Chinneck whose previous work includes melting bricks and broken glass. His brief was to create something with humour, illusion and theatricality. Read the full story in architecture & design magazine Dezeen here.    dezeen_house-with-slipped-down-facade-margate-alex-chinnecktelling-the-truth-through-false-teetha-pound-of-flesh-for-50p
  4. Happened upon a brilliant piece by Alain de Botton in this months Elle Deco magazine entitled ‘On Beauty’  to coincide with the release of his latest book Art as Therapy. It’s a great thought provoking piece on the effects of beauty and ugliness in our environments and the power of design to charm and inspire our sense of well-being.
  5. There is also a free app that accompanies the book which offers paintings as solutions to life’s dilemmas, offering quirky and interesting distractions to the hubbub of daily life. Here are a couple of glimpses of it:          Alan De Botton Art as Therapy


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