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September 19, 2013


My favourite things at the moment: miscellaneous second-hand, Lidl plants, upcycling and modernist architour blog.


  1. I am currently having great fun thinking about influences for our imminent bedroom make-over, from Victoriana to the Grand Tours, to Vintage Circus and my  favourite of preferences Natural History. Here are some of my favourite inspirations (including some I have bought) from an online trawl of the vintage bazaar:                          Vintage finds brass pineapple entomology circvus storks
  2. A blog that recently launched called Destination Modernism, it’s a travel design blog on modernist architecture made for the kinds of people who pick holiday destinations according to buildings – namely me. Outside of Le Corbussier and Bauhaus there are so many places I would love to visit to see the architecture of – Trulli’s in Puglia, the Yali’s of Istanbul and my true hearts desire –  The Flat Iron Building, The Chrysler &The Empire State in New York.destination blog
  3. Lazy Sundays and simple accomplishments, this Sunday I finally got around to using a broken drawer from eBay as a photo frame and lined it with a wallpaper sample that’s been hanging around for ages, it will be hung on the wall somewhere in the bedroom, just not sure what I’m going to put inside it yet…IMG_7134
  4. Choosing the colour for our bedroom, this has slightly driven me to distraction because paint lies! It says Celestial Blue but is in fact green etc, this is testing my proclivity to always choose green, however I am always delighted to be looking at new colours, this is my first batch of tester pots:Blue & Green Tester Pots

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