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October 24, 2013

Campbells limited ediotion andy warhol soup

My favourite things at the moment: Warhol limited edition soup cans, Anthropologie Taiga stoneware, Gothic at the BFI, the return of Poirot.


  1. Campbell’s soup have released these wonderful limited edition Andy Warhol pop art soup cans, haven’t found any in the supermarkets yet but I need them in my kitchen:Campbells limited ediotion andy warhol soup
  2. Hurrah, BFI are putting on a 6 month programe of Gothic films from the archives. Having already shown screenings at key London sites, including the British Museum & National Gallery, the programe gathers pace as winter begins to bite.  They will be running a comprehensive program of films including classics from Nosferatu to The Wicker Man, and my personal favourites:The Innocents, Dead of Night, Elephant Man, Three Cases of Murder & Night of The Demon. Hooray BFI, thank you for reminding me of all the spine chillers I love on dark evenings.BFI Gothic
  3. I am coveting new things in at design magpies Anthropologie again this week, I love this gilded crane stand and all of this Taiga stoneware range, swoon.        Anthropologie Gilded Cake Stand
  4. There is almost nothing on television that is more of an old time favourite for me than the wonderful ITV installments of Hercule Poirot. Poirot novels are my guilty cheap read and there’s nothing I love more than seeing them brought to life on screen – and my the design gazing is incredible!                                                                          Alas, these are the very final installments and David Suchet can admirably hang up his coat in the knowledge that over the last 21 years he has acted each and every one of the stories. Showing Wednesdays from 8pm on ITV1.Poirot Suchet ITV

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