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October 31, 2013

Octopus Lighting Chalkboard wall art Monochrome

My favourite things at the moment: Chalk board walls, Octopus lighting, Bode & Fou paper starts, Albert Camus, historical slang.

Bodie and Fou Paper Star Christmas Decorations

  1. If you listen to two of my favourite friends they will tell you that I am a super-Christmas-enthusiast (& possibly slightly less flatteringly so!) of course they are entirely wrong, but as it is November tomorrow I feel I can get away with mentioning these glorious Christmas paper star decorations new in at Bodie & Fou, sublime.le-centre-de-documentation-albert-camus-de-la-bibliotheque-mejanes-abrite-les-archives-de-l-auteur-photos-dr
  2. November marks the centenary of the birth of one of the favourite authors of my youth – Albert Camus who is still one of my favourite human beings ever. In honour I am going to re-read A Happy Death alongside one of my all time favourite books –  Simone De Beauvoir’s loosely autobiographical utterly superb tour de force The Mandarins in which Camus features loosely disguised as the journalist Henri Perron.Rockett St George Foto Friday Wonderwall
  3. This lovely chalkboard wall which was the winning entry in the wonderwall category of Rockett St George’s Foto Friday competition. I really love chalkboard walls and this is a magnificent example of the personality that can be projected onto one.Geraldine Gonzalez Sea Urchin Lights
  4. These wonderful Octopus lights by Geraldine Gonzalez that I happened upon on Pinterest, just too cool for their own good.
  5. Gender historian Amanda Vickery tweeted a brilliant link a few weeks back of historical slang from the 1920’s. Its brilliant, ranging from fairly well known ones like ‘gaspers’ for cigarettes to lesser known gems such as ‘cancelled stamp’ for a wallflower and ‘cheaters’ for glasses.

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