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July 25, 2013


My favourite things at the moment: Summertime, Hendricks gin limited edition teacups, Regents Park open air theatre, a wirework house at Rockett St George.

Hendericks Gin Cups Strong Man

               Hendricks Gin. I love this Hogarthian tipple of mothers ruin but I think I may love their limited edition tea-cups even more. The only drawback is that the thought of gin in tea cups will put Pete Doherty’s Albion straight in my head – ‘Yellowing classics and canons at dawn, coffee wallows and pith helmets and an English sun…’.

Regents-Park-Open-Air-Theatre.-Photo-by-David-Jensen Regents Park Open Air Theatre. I was super lucky and taken to a production last Friday by my best friend and her ma, the venue was just enchanting, they have decorated the reception area with thousands of fairy lights so that it is possible to sit under a tree surrounded by twinkles, and the amphitheatre built and surrounded by trees is stunning.

wire work house candle holder decoration Rockett St GeorgeThis wire work house new in at Rockett St George, as it is so summery of late I am imagining it with citronella candles on the table in my garden of an evening…Vintage Fair Brrokly lift ride vintage funfair New YorkVintage Tent in water  Vintage Teepee Tent Kastelorizo, Greece water Riviera Portofino, Italy

Summertime images on Pinterest, these are my current faves.


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