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The Nursery Project – Ted’s Room

January 26, 2015

Monochrome grey nursery bedroom clouds arrows ruler yellow chest drawers chevron changing mat - Copy


The Practical:

Creating Teds nursery was in some ways the biggest design challenge of all our projects as it required hard consideration of the way we used each space within the flat and a budget that was anything but fancy. When I first discovered I was pregnant we had just finished renovating our bedroom, it was the smallest of the three bedrooms in our apartment but always felt the cosiest so had become our logical sleep space. Read More


Design Crush – Organisation & Calendars

January 19, 2015

Design Edit - Calendars


HAPPY 2015! I’m not going to make my first blog post of the new year a navel gazing episode of self advertisement in the form of New Years resolutions or round ups of 2014 but 10 weeks into life as a new parent has got me thinking about design in a whole new way. As life has become more hectic and I start to appreciate the usefulness and functionality of design more than ever before I thought I’d kick off the year by celebrating my favourite examples of design organisation: CalendarsRead More