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In Bloom: Chic Floral Interiors Pieces

April 27, 2021


Spring has arrived, at long last, and with the world around us suddenly coming into bloom I’ve got flowers on my mind. The Cottagecore aesthetic is a trend that has seen a lot of growth over the last year. Though it’s not a look I’m naturally drawn to, I love bringing all forms of nature into the home. I see this trend as a slightly more folksy version of maximalism, and whist I’m not going to be falling for it hook line and sinker, I may just add one or two selected curated pieces, possibly in blush and rust tones, to my home this year.
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One Lamp, five ways : The Arum desk lamp by Ferm Living

April 17, 2020


Is it just me, or are you thinking the same thing? Namely that the Arum lamp by Ferm Living is quite possibly both the sexiest and the chicest piece of homeware you’ve ever seen?!Read More

Paper Round launch from Custhom & Stoff Studio

May 30, 2018

Paper Round by Custhom & Stoff Studio



In the world of design there is always a new product coming on to the market that makes your heart flutter, one that’s so stunning it promises to temporarily steal your heart.Read More


Design Crush: Accents in Sunset tones of Rose & Terracotta

February 27, 2018

Best Terracotta and Rust Rose Interior decor pieces, ideas and inspiration


Twice this week my heart has skipped a beat seeing rust hued furniture and accesories. Read More


Design Crush: Rowenna Mason’s New Collection of Colourful Woven Designs

October 31, 2017

Rowenna Mason Layered geometric woven cushions, colourful artisan design (1)

Image: Design Soda


One of the things I absolutely love about interiors is discovering new talented makers and small scale brands offering original wares that push the boundaries of expectation. Take for example the humble cushion, we all use them for comfort, to snuggleRead More