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D.I.Y Project – A Lazy Girls Guide to Whitewashed Scandi floors

February 23, 2015

how to project Whitewashed scandinavian wooden flooring d.i.y. Nordic interior inspiration

Image : Design Soda


Nothing says chic to me quite like a white floor and alongside polished cement and Moroccan tiles it is a staple of good taste in flooring choice for me. White floors are amongst the most versatile of flooring because there are so many looks that can be projected and changed around it without loosing it’s edge or integrity.  One of the most beautiful elements of this flooring is how it projects light onto the ceiling whilst blanketing the floor in a foamy cleanliness mirroring the delight of snow.


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Image : Design Soda

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The Nursery Project – Ted’s Room

January 26, 2015

Monochrome grey nursery bedroom clouds arrows ruler yellow chest drawers chevron changing mat - Copy


The Practical:

Creating Teds nursery was in some ways the biggest design challenge of all our projects as it required hard consideration of the way we used each space within the flat and a budget that was anything but fancy. When I first discovered I was pregnant we had just finished renovating our bedroom, it was the smallest of the three bedrooms in our apartment but always felt the cosiest so had become our logical sleep space. Read More


Peep around Our New Bedroom Design

March 13, 2014


We have at last completed the bedroom and upstairs hallway (well except for the floors, but that’s the case with most of the flat!). So I thought I’d share how it turned out, I’m really pleased with it, it’s a room that makes me smile and I’m glad we’ve been able to bring some personality to a small space without overwhelming it.
There was naturally a very cottage-y feel to this room with its small dimensions, uncentralised window and sloping ceiling which threw me in my initial thought process. It seemed to be insisiting that it required a rustic cottage look and I wasn’t sure if I should go with this and celebrate it, but having moved from town to country and back again I didn’t feel entirely comfortable paying homage to a rustic country look in the heart of urban Tooting.

Eclectic Bedroom native american Scandi white, bisson, arrows, elephant, stag wall hook, entomology, polagram, pompom

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Typography Homewares

March 8, 2014

Typography Homewares Arne Jacobsen, Vintage Art Deco French Postcard Book, Monopoly Typefont Fleet Street

Typography has been courting time in vogue for the last few years prompting books and articles on the meaning of type choice as signifier of personality and lifestyle with the design aware set. I fully admit that I have a slightly more than casual interest in this too and have picked up a fair few typographic homewares for the apartment, including the trinkets above. In the modern world we are bombarded by type fonts, they create brand and identity and this has been translated in a plethora of ways by home design from old adverts to art work taking in many kinds of trinkets along the way.Read More


Soap Suds & rennovation – The Halfway point in our bathroom makeover

January 23, 2014

Black white monochrome bathroom

We are just over the halfway point of our bathrooms makeover with only the flooring left to do so I thought I would share some of my thoughts along the way. Bathrooms are one of the hardest spaces to style, they have a very particular, expected and often pedestrian finished look. From luxury to boutique hotel, stark and modern via rustic and Manhattan loft, no overall bathroom look captured my imagination. Read More


Our Living Room Shortlisted on Apartment Therapy’s Room For Colour 2013!

October 22, 2013

So I have been asleep for the last month and apparently failed to notice the exciting news that our living room (which I entered 6 weeks ago) had been shortlisted by compendium of modern style Apartment Therapy in their international category for rooms with the best use of colour. Am posthumously very excited (and annoyed with myself that I failed to notice or ask anyone to vote for us). I absolutely love this site, which Forbes described as “one of the most influential interior design sites on the Web” with good reason, so to have come 7th out of 25 in this category is a real honour. Go check out the other rooms on here there are some real beauties.

Ruthie’s “Sociable Green” Room Room For Color Contest

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Peep Around Our Kitchen and Kitchenalia…

August 5, 2013


When we moved into this flat last year we knew that the kitchen would be one of the priority spaces for redecoration. There is something a bit depressing about cooking and trying to impersonate a domestic goddess with artex ceilings, yellow walls and orange & red tiles! And there is almost nothing I dislike more in the home than something false pretending to be something else, melamine cupboards and mdf worktops are essentially the trompe l’oeil of the kitchen world and our kitchen sang its impersonation boldly! However, the word kitchen is, like the word wedding, a touchstone for throwing money down a wishing well. Looking at the cost of a completely new kitchen is  dream shattering, everything is amazingly expensive when the word kitchen is attached. In lieu of many thousands of pounds we have spent the last six months slowly transforming the space into something that we could be happy with for under a grand.

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House Tour – Living Room

May 27, 2013

When we bought this flat over a year ago it was this room that sold it to us, it had wood-chip walls and ceiling (ok most of the flat had that) hideous blue carpet (ditto), plastic air vents, bright orange polyurethane doors, mahogany shelving and a particularly hideous mock Victorian fireplace. Past all the hellish design choices made by the previous owner (& the fact that he was either a dangerous D.I.Y enthusiast or the employer of the original cowboy builder) this room had the most potential.Read More


D.I.Y Colour Pop Chairs – quick & simple Upcycle project

May 12, 2013

D.I.Y Colour Pop Chairs - Bright Plywood School Chairs
So, whilst planning our kitchen I have been looking for some new dining chairs. I love French Tolix cafe chairs but alas budget does not stretch that far. So I switched to looking at examples of the current zeitgeist – mid-century modern. A few places are selling neon bright plywood chairs – Habitat have some really nice ones called Hester at £95 and Bloomsbury&Co are selling similar Canteen chairs for £200 a pop.Read More