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Design Crush #5 Magic Lantern Slides

April 3, 2014

Magic Lantern Slides

I have absolutely adored magic lantern shows and all old forms of Victorian street entertainment and Georgian optical illusions for years. From camera obscura’s to zoetropes, magic lantern shows to witches mirrors, punch & Judy, death vanitas and thaumatropes, the whole carnival of spectacle is joyful. I sometimes wonder if I would like to have a room in the apartment that’s crammed with these kinds of objects but alas we just don’t have the space for such spectacle.Read More


Design Crush #4

February 17, 2014

Coral & Tusk Emroidery Cushion Five Arrows Fox Headress feather Native American

I am not a massive fan of cutesy crafts, however, I am a big fan of folksy items with charm. Nowhere do I find folksy more charming than in Coral & Tusk‘s simply darling embroidered homewares. Created by textile designer Stephanie Housley, Coral & Tusks designs start life as drawings, by Stephanie, of nature, travels and things that spark her imagination which are then laboriously redrawn stitch by stitch to be machined in her Brooklyn workshop. Her designs are just magical, bringing out the spirit of adventure and a multi-layered representation of the touchstones of nature. I could not love these whimsically charming items any more than I do.Read More


Design Crush #3

January 25, 2014

Couto toothpaste 1

My design crushes are usually way beyond the realms of my budget and are items that I admire from afar. However, sometimes the artistry of the design in an everyday item can turn it into an object of great pleasure for the home aesthete. The packaging of this Portuguese toothpaste from the 1930’s is unsurpassable. Like an object from a Victorian apothecary the design of this paste, which has remained unchanged since 1932 is perfect.Read More


Design Crush #2

January 12, 2014


This simple but highly covetable piece of modern design, The Fonteyn Desk, is a bestselling staple at It is frequently used in their advertising campaigns and on flyers in home design mags and with good reason, it is an all time contender for the top spot on my lust lens. Slightly reminiscent of the Bauhaus instinct for design, this desk is the last word in simple, understated beauty.Read More


Design Crush #1

December 28, 2013

Tom Dixon Form Tea set range

There are so many home design pieces that catch my eye each month that I never have enough room to put them all in the weekly edit. So, with this in mind, I have decided to start a new post category highlighting the most covetable pieces that have caught my eye. And for my inaugural post I could hardly choose anyone more deserving than Tom Dixon to put the lust lens on.

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Piero Fornasetti – Design Crush

June 17, 2013

Fornasetti HomewaresI love Piero Fornasetti, he is a full on design crush for me, from hot air balloons to his obsession with Lina Cavalieri, his designs rarely fail to amuse me. If anyone was ever silly enough to give me a couple of grand to spend on an object for the home it would probably go on a vintage Fornasetti piece, maybe one of these umbrella stands:Read More