It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

December 23, 2013

Christmas Table Decoration, deer and tree in cloche glass dome, candy cane candle arrangement, birch stars, pine cones.

Christmas in our apartment…So far!

I love the kitsch nostalgic styling that has been everywhere this year, it fills me with the kind of childlike joy only fitting to this time of year. In homage to all the amazing d.i.y snowglobes with deer I have seen on blogs and pinterest over the last few weeks I have sourced my own lazy girls interpretation of the trend, and am totally in love with my deer and tree under glass cloche display. I am also really pleased with this candy cane candle holder which was an idea taken from the Ocado magazine substituting their multicoloured canes for classic red and white which I think looks so fresh and spritely.

Eclectic Vintage kitsch christmas - candy cane, carluccios, paper star decoration, anthropologie, liberty

Each year the arrival of the tree is the moment when Christmas really happens for me and I often spend hours choosing the perfectly scented spruce, in fact Dan refuses to come with me these days as I turn into such a tree choosing fanaticist. I love pulling out the decorations of years gone by and mixing them with the newest editions. Having a tree with an eclecticism to the decorations is a brilliant excuse to update the collection each year and when carefully chosen it gives the tree and room a real vintage-y feel.

eclectic vintage kitsch christmas interior craft homemade cake topper deer figurine eskimo paper star decorations glitter cupped acorns wreath

Christmas is such a brilliant excuse to get your kitsch on and sport a giant ironic wink. The nostalgia of these hanging honeycomb and paper star decorations are a great wink to the past with a modern twist. These adorable cake toppers are one of my favourite purchases of the season and they will be adorning the Pandoro on Christmas day alongside their penguin and polar bear chums.

eclectic vintage kitsch christmas wooden gisela aeroplane decoration, birch stars, pine cone, garland, chevron ribbon

This Cox & Cox garland hung above the fireplace is just enchanting. A friend commented last week that the reclaimed fireplace propped up in front of the mock Victorian gas fire with garland and fairy lights gave the area an Alice in Wonderland feel which was probably one of the sweetest things somebody has said all year. If the white rabbit is living in the chimney this may explain our cat Dinah’s proclivity for climbing up it so often!

eclectic vintage kitsch christmas homemade cards, traditional wooden decorations, shelfie, glitter acorns

I have continued to be a bit lazy this year and am living off the crafts of Christmas last. The acorn decorations were made last year from a forage on Wimbledon common with my nieces Holly & Mia and the deer cards were also made that year, luckily I did two designs and made double the ammount, hooray for lazy glories. Our tree is not big enough for my poundstore white wooden traditional decorations this year so I have put them in front of books for a festive shelfie! My discovery of the season in trimmings is this fabulous chevron and candy cane ribbon and some really simple present toppers that resemble flowers and are so sweet, tutorial found here.

kitsch vintage christmas eclectic decorations anthropologie hummingbird, birch stars willow wreath, candy canes, snow globes, bells, pinecones

So pleased with our wreath this year made up from two products in the Cox & Cox catalogue. I think the understated washed up silvery tones really set the colour of the door off to its optimum. I love having a bit of Christmas in every room (not sure Dan agrees) it does make washing up a lot more pleasurable when there are new and sparkly things to look at!Deer Figurine & white snow person eskimo christmas cake decorations

And for my final trick, to complete my foray into kitsch Christmas nostalgia I’m off to make myself another snowball…chin, chin everyone.