Design Crush #1

December 28, 2013

Tom Dixon Form Tea set range

There are so many home design pieces that catch my eye each month that I never have enough room to put them all in the weekly edit. So, with this in mind, I have decided to start a new post category highlighting the most covetable pieces that have caught my eye. And for my inaugural post I could hardly choose anyone more deserving than Tom Dixon to put the lust lens on.

Tom Dixon Form Teapot Gold Brass

Tom Dixon’s designs have been a long term love affair for me and one of my very first home purchases was his legendary copper light shade which I got for an amazing deal from an events company selling off their old wares.

Tom Dixon Form Milk Jug Gold Brass

These three items were launched last month as a part of Tom’s Eclectic range and are firmly on my lust list. Just exquisite, the design and materials are luxe simplicity at its finest. He is such a brilliant old hand at designing pieces that are assured to enter the catalogue of great British modern design. They are made from welded brass which has been coated in a warm gold wash and are so sensual and striking. They are also hideously expensive, but if you have the money you can buy the full range from Heals here.

Tom Dixon Form Sugar Dish & Spoon Gold Brass