Crushing On: Stylish Pet beds & Accessories from MADE

January 11, 2019

MADE PET BEDS and Accessories

AD – This post is a collaboration with MADE

We all know the old adage about not working with children or pets. So I feel it is my duty to put a disclaimer at the start of this post that not only did my cat not behave for her shoot, but I also knew that she wouldn’t!

You see, she has been happily ensconced on this bed (pictured above) in the evenings for two weeks straight, lolling with her head hanging over the edge in the most adorable pose whenever the lighting is too bad (or the bedroom too messy) to shoot. But I think Dinah has a sense like others before her that the camera steals a little bit of your soul. Consequently I only ever get pictures of her in interior shots when she’s asleep or just woken up. But it would be weird of me to introduce a new pet range to you without including my pet, right? So here she is completely refusing to look natural for the camera! Cats are such queens.

MADE PET BEDS and Accessories

When MADE first previewed their new pet range at a summer press event I attended last year I was so impressed. There’s such a massive gap in the market for items that are comfortable for your pet but also not wholly without style (some are darn right offensive on the eye!). I know of one retailer that makes cool pet accessories but they are at truly eye watering prices. Our cat may be a queen, but a throne she is not getting (at least not if I have to remortgage the house to pay for it!).

MADE PET BEDS and Accessories

I reached out to MADE and asked them if they would very kindly send me some of my favourites from the range to try out in the Design Soda house. I selected two from the Kyali range, firstly a small Kyali pet sofa with ash frame and secondly the Kyali cube act bed. I was also sent a gorgeous white marble pet bowl, there are some lovely accessories in this range.

MADE PET BEDS and Accessories

This stylish range is such a breath of fresh air for me, nothing twee or cutesy, just well made simplicity with a nod to luxury. These well designed pieces have such a lovely contrast between the wood grain and the grey cushions (which are washable). I love the elegance of the pet sofa, the legs that are slightly elevated from the floor are a great design trick for accommodating larger pets into small spaces since you can still see the floor space beneath. The cube I love too, we have it in Teds bedroom as Dinah likes to nap in here at times, I imagine many cats keep some of their toy treasures in the bottom but in our house you are more likely to find one of Teds treasures (he’s also been using the cube as a seat when Dinah’s not looking so don’t tell her!).

Of course I have gone for the most swish items in the range to showcase to you, there are also some really stylish, super affordable beds that I love, the Hyko being a particular favourite. You can find all of MADE’s pet range here.

This is a sponsored post with MADE which I instigated as I was so impressed with the range. As ever all opinions are honest and my own, thanks for supporting the brands that support me.