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Simple Life Hack for your closet

June 20, 2016

Bohemian Modern Bedroom Art Deco Wardrobe life hack 1I am a little too hard wired to cynical to be someone who can open heartedly embrace self help or lifestyle fads. I like the idea of slow living and of daily rituals that make you feel good but I’m not the type to throw my faith out to the universe and see what comes back. So this article really isnt The Life Changing Magic of Tidying. I love things to be organised, taken care of, easy, but if I’m honest I think the main pleasure of a tidy home is to enjoy it and mess it up again. I have perused The Life Changing Magic of Tidying and house cure’s on Apartment Therapy, I’m happy for any tidying tips that make life simpler, but I think I wasn’t the target market. As a new mum who had a long maternity leave, clutter and cleaning are now dealt with on turbo charge and we are never going to have a sterile, uber organised space even if I wanted one (which I don’t, I think houses have to breathe to feel homely) with a rampant toddler. Moreover, when it comes to clothing, past the 6 monthly clear out and vacuum bag packing of out of season clothes, my wardrobe is a bazaar of haphazard semi-chaos which I like. But something that gives me space in the most unashamedly cluttered part of my life? Yes please! So with this in mind, I am sharing the kind of tip that will not change your life but may solve a problem we share.