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Peep around Our New Bedroom Design

March 13, 2014


We have at last completed the bedroom and upstairs hallway (well except for the floors, but that’s the case with most of the flat!). So I thought I’d share how it turned out, I’m really pleased with it, it’s a room that makes me smile and I’m glad we’ve been able to bring some personality to a small space without overwhelming it.
There was naturally a very cottage-y feel to this room with its small dimensions, uncentralised window and sloping ceiling which threw me in my initial thought process. It seemed to be insisiting that it required a rustic cottage look and I wasn’t sure if I should go with this and celebrate it, but having moved from town to country and back again I didn’t feel entirely comfortable paying homage to a rustic country look in the heart of urban Tooting.

Eclectic Bedroom native american Scandi white, bisson, arrows, elephant, stag wall hook, entomology, polagram, pompom

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Design Crush #4

February 17, 2014

Coral & Tusk Emroidery Cushion Five Arrows Fox Headress feather Native American

I am not a massive fan of cutesy crafts, however, I am a big fan of folksy items with charm. Nowhere do I find folksy more charming than in Coral & Tusk‘s simply darling embroidered homewares. Created by textile designer Stephanie Housley, Coral & Tusks designs start life as drawings, by Stephanie, of nature, travels and things that spark her imagination which are then laboriously redrawn stitch by stitch to be machined in her Brooklyn workshop. Her designs are just magical, bringing out the spirit of adventure and a multi-layered representation of the touchstones of nature. I could not love these whimsically charming items any more than I do.Read More