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Trends: Spring Summer ’17 Home Trends at Top Drawer London

January 20, 2017

Top Drawer London Spring Summer 17 Interiors home trends

Image: Design Soda


I can think of no past time more cheerful on official ‘Blue Monday’ than surrounding yourself with Spring season homewares(!), so, as Top Drawer London was in town I hopped along to have a peep at what’s on the horizon in the world of interiors for Spring/Summer. Having seen a few previews in November from high street chains, the main things that resonated with me there – velvets, smoked glass, craftsmanship, and blues were all in abundance at Top Drawer too. And it may just be because I ventured out with a heavy cold unable to smell my own perfume, but my eye kept getting caught by gorgeous blankets, candles and soft pastel colours and I don’t think it was just because I felt like hiding under a duvet! The overall vibe I took from the show was one of understated luxury, craftsmanship, small details and if there was one message that was pretty hard to miss it was BLUSH PINK IS STILL HERE! And hooray for that as I’m not tiring of it any time soon. I love pretty well all dashes of pastel in spring time, they are like little drops of optimism for a new season in the home. Some of the blush is also turning to coral this year which I welcome gladly as a slightly punchier tone to offset the whites, blacks and greys that aren’t going anywhere either. So this is my roundup of favourite looks and inspiration from the show, with so many thousands of stalls I’ve narrowed down to just a few but as you can imagine there was an abundance more available to be seen. Let me know what you are swooning over, I have all the heart eyes for the knitted textiles at the moment.

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