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Design Crush #3

January 25, 2014

Couto toothpaste 1

My design crushes are usually way beyond the realms of my budget and are items that I admire from afar. However, sometimes the artistry of the design in an everyday item can turn it into an object of great pleasure for the home aesthete. The packaging of this Portuguese toothpaste from the 1930’s is unsurpassable. Like an object from a Victorian apothecary the design of this paste, which has remained unchanged since 1932 is perfect.Read More


A Cornucopia of Winter: Blankets

September 23, 2013

Cornocopia of Blankets
Downton Abbey returned last night, which I like to see as official unveiling of the Autumn Season! It was also the real official first day of Autumn, so thoughts have inevitably turned to wardrobes, wooly sweaters and cosy nights in. And nothing says Autumn/Winter more to me than blankets, so as the nights start to draw in and morning dew begins to feel chilly I have been airing out blankets that have been unloved all Summer.Read More