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Through the aperture

February 24, 2014


Viewed through the aperture around London: Hoxton & Waterloo street scenes, vintage camera booth, creme brulee.Read More


Through the aperture:

December 14, 2013

1aWhat was viewed through the aperture: Notting Hill winter pastels, fresh greens of winter blooms, advent calender joy and winter scene by the sink.

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Through the aperture…

November 16, 2013

1bViewed through the aperture: Teapot topiary, glorious salt pig colours, decaying structure in Borough.

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Curiosity – The South London Mausoleum of Richard Burton

September 30, 2013

Sir Richard Burtons Wigwam Mausoleum ExteriorNestled away in an unsuspecting sleepy catholic cemetery in Suburban South London lies the opulent tomb of forgotten aristocrat Sir Richard Burton. It is a testament to Victorian spirit of whimsy and grandiosity. We happened upon it in The London Open House guide and couldn’t resist going to have a peek at this oddity of devotion. Created as a memorial to her husband, the tent was designed by Burton’s widow Isabel and it houses both of their tombs.This opulent wigwam mausoleum is just about the most bizarre and exotically grandiose tomb I have ever seen.Read More