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Trends – Best of the Terrazzo Interiors Trend

January 31, 2017

Image: Cafe Kitsune by Anne Van Assche


So this trend has been slowly building for over a year now, quietly sitting and biding it’s time as the counterpoint to marble, and I reckon it’s going to be everywhere come summer so today I thought I’d turn my attention to beautiful terrazzo. The current trend seemed to start with Max Lamb creating a showcase of the material for interior use and it’s slowly being used for pattern in homewares that are accessible to you and I. There were elements of terrazzo in Normann, Copenhagen’s Daily Fiction range of accessible design products last year and Danish powerhouse of style Ferm Living are just about to launch some terrazzo pattern in their kids range this month, and you know that if the stylish Scandi’s are bringing it,  it’s going to be a thing soon. Hell, even even The Wall Street Journal  are calling it for Terrazzo this year, it’s coming folks, mark my (amongst others) words. I love everything about terrazzo and have been waiting for enough products on the market to share with you, this runs the gamut from £4.59 to £800 so there’s something for every budget but most are in the highly accessible price bracket. Some of the examples I list are a cross over between splatter patterns (in abstract) and true terrazzo, some use a modern method of dried paint over precious stone (actually I’m thinking of making a d.i.y item using this method so watch this space for the practicalities!)  but what all of these items have in common is a chaotic and very beautiful sensibility. Enjoy!

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