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Pictures: Through the Aperture: January

January 24, 2017


Pump neon garage in shoreditch

Image: Design Soda


What a cold and dark start this month has been, I’ve got lots to keep my mind occupied this month but still these dark cold days are starting to grind. So, as the Christmas lights have faded all around, I thought January the perfect time for appreciating pops of neon. Today’s aperture includes some of my favourite punches of neon (and even a carousel) to lift us out of the doldrums. First up is this very cool gas station in Shoreditch (above) spotted on my London wanderings, perfect seventies fun flair, enjoy. What are you doing to beat the January blues? 


Tottenham Court Road station, geometric monochrome tiles, vintage transport

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Margate Dreamland Revisited : Postcards by the sea

September 5, 2016

Margate Dreamland pastel vintage sherbet fairground kitsch, ferris wheel

Over the bank holiday weekend I took a lovely daytrip to the seaside town of Margate in Kent with two of my favourite people. It’s been three years since we last went and the town continues to evolve and expand beyond the ruins of desertion and downward turns. It’s still the town that Primark left, and indeed the Woolworths still sits with its 2007 shopfront unoccupied, but last time the century old amusement park Dreamland was also closed and forlorn and like much of the town shaped by a decaying glamour which I caught on my picture tour here. As more artists move down to the area, and the town continues a regeneration after the building of the Turner gallery in sympathy with its past, Margate is changing. We visited Dreamland, and although at 35 I may not be quite the target audience (best not relay the tale of three grown women atop a Ferris wheel having a decidedly regretful moment) but I have massive heart eyes for this sherbet dibdab writ large. From its sweetshop-seaside-rock colour palette to its fifties typography, the new Dreamland’s is a colour walk of kitsch and nostalgia and a perfect part of the seaside landscape of a famous kiss-me-quick town. I’m a little in love with it. So, today’s Through the Aperture post is devoted entirely to Margate Dreamland and it’s candy floss dream of kitsch. Enjoy!

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