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Sofa Choices with The Lounge Co

August 31, 2016

The Lounge

Image: Poppy Sofa by The Lounge Co.


I love all seasons, but right about now I usually start dreaming pretty heavily about fall. What an incredible month of sunshine we’ve had, topped by the fair weather final bank holiday of the season as a fitting swan song to summer. And now it’s that time of year again when the school calendar starts to loom and if you’re a bit too enthusiastic like me you may even have a glint in your eye for Christmas. Certainly for many it’s a time we start to think about getting snugly, right? Hot drinks, winter walks, mooching around in doors, lounging, hot baths, comfort and dark evenings entertaining at home. Well then I think it’s probably also the perfect time to talk about sofa choices!


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How To Make a D.I.Y Spot Table cloth

August 29, 2016


d.i.y polka dot fabric paint monochrome table cloth spotty


So, I haven’t done a d.i.y post in a while but I’ve been up to quite a few things round the house in recent months so expect a possible flurry of them soon! I find these kinds of post slightly daunting as I’m terrified of patronising people. But actually I got to thinking about why I feel like this and concluded that I google ‘how to…’ all the time so this may be silly. Do you find that you get straight jacketed by an inner voice on things? Anyway, onto the post in hand. So what I wanted was a tablecloth for our summer party last weekend which had to fit a large trestle table for food (we had nearly 60 people). I wanted to find something that didn’t cost the earth or was so bold a look that it drowned out the pretty party pieces I’d decided on. I had a vague dream based on this beautiful renovation by Royal Roulotte and I kept coming back to the idea of monochrome polka dots, they seemed versatile, fun and not too girly. I wanted something a little less straight or standard than this, in my mind black confetti! This may not come as a surprise but I struggled to find monochrome confetti fabric anywhere. After a little hunt around on Google ‘how to paint polka dot fabric’ I realised that it’s enormously simple and most people just use the eraser part of a pencil to impress their circles. I was really pleased with my intentionally asymmetric rustic result so I thought I’d share it with you.


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Best of the artisan ceramics trend

August 24, 2016

best hand thrown artisan ceramics, interior design trends 2016


Since London Design Week last year, beautifully crafted ceramics have barely been off my radar, there seems to be a real vogue for beautiful handcrafted artisan pieces at the moment and I can’t get enough of them. I have a post in draft at present on kitchen updates for little investment and this is certainly one very pleasing way to do it – a well placed beautiful ceramic in the kitchen can detract from a multitude of sins! As I seem to have been pinning and saving ceramics for most of 2016, today I’m sharing my favourites from around the world. From the painterly to the abstract via the gold leafed and pastel here are all my favourite pretties for your perusal. Enjoy!Read More


Our bright & colourful cocktail room

August 15, 2016


eclectic vintage art deco colourful bohemian modern interior decor design & styling ideas

Yippee, another month and another room becomes complete in the house (I’m loving this part of renovation when you get to add the personal touches that pull a room together). This time it’s the dining room which I am decadently referring to as our cocktail room since its the main purpose of the space. I guess this would traditionally be a room for family time, but with a toddler running riot throughout the rest of the house and as we aren’t really formal enough as a family to do dinner anywhere other than round the kitchen table  (if that!) I don’t believe in creating a dead space simply out of convention so cocktail room it is!
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Amara Interior Blog Awards – Design Soda Nomination

August 12, 2016

Amara Interior blog awards 2016 - Design Soda

Good morning all, just a quick post today in form of a plea. If you follow me on social media you may have noticed that I’m a teensy bit excited to be up for an Amara Interior Blog Award in the Best Design Inspiration Category.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes (when I’m not working or toddler taming) to bring you my favourite passions. I absolutely love writing this blog and have started to get opportunities to bring you fresh content over the last year beyond my expectations. Getting on the shortlist would bring many more of these opportunities and I’d be lying if I didn’t say it would be nice just to get on the shortlist in and of itself (despite my stats, I’m never quite sure it’s not just my mum reading this – hi mum!).

So, I happily have my begging bowl out today to ask you that if you enjoy reading my blog please take 10 seconds and vote for it via the link below. I promise to love you forever (!)

Thank you in advance

This is the link: