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Hi, thanks for visiting the blog, please make yourself comfy, I hope your visit is enjoyable! We are pretty much all about the aesthetics round here.  Some years ago, in 2013, we were a reasonably cool couple with a new flat in a part of London that was about to become super trendy (I like to think this was solely due to my arrival!) the flat was very tired, but our enthusiasm wasn’t, I started the blog to chart our journey into creating a beautiful space on a tight budget. We are now the owners of both a little person, a cat, and a house in a less trendy part of London. Life is a bit different these days but I’m still pretty focused in the style stakes so Design Soda now charts our continuing journey making an interesting family home that doesn’t compromise on style but is also not expensive.  

Our home is dotted with flea market finds that have tickled me but it’s not a museum piece, it’s a very much a lived in family home. This is a blog for people who like trends and good design but are averse to tearsheet looks. I believe in taking inspiration from everything and am open to all design that doesn’t look too serious or contrived. Along the way I’ve spent a lot of time looking at interior design as an outsider. I’ve done a little bit of styling and sourcing in commercial and domestic settings, visited design events and workshops, and spent a lot more time looking at glossy interiors mags & Pinterest than I care to admit. If you like nice things but also don’t have a huge budget (my taste can be high end but my budget is definitely high street) you’ve come to the right place. Design Soda is just at home coveting design in high end settings as it is in flea markets, or browsing the shelves of homewares in supermarkets.

I post twice weekly on interiors, design, d.i.y, make-overs, styling and sometimes pictures of the things that capture my imagination around my home city of London that month. As I am not entirely 2-D you can also expect to find the odd lifestyle piece that grabs my attention but for the main part we are all about Design, Design, Design around here.

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