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Shooting the new Miller Harris Home Fragrance Collection in the Design Soda House

August 22, 2018

Miller Harris new home fragrance collection photoshoot and styling Design Soda Blog

A few months ago Miller Harris came to my home to shoot some of their new Home collection which launched last week.Read More

Choosing Beautiful Natural Carpet with Kersaint Cobb

August 17, 2018

Kersaint Cobb - Pampas Nordic Stripe, Sweden priced from £28.50 per sq m


I was a little worried that I may be writing this piece during a heatwave, happily for me (and the topic) it is decidedly cooler at the moment, though if the warmer weather is listening I haven’t quite finished with you yet! Read More


Favourite Figural & Silhouette Design

June 19, 2018


Interior design Trend Ideas - Figural and silhouette illustration and motifs - matisse picasso


Read More


Paper Round launch from Custhom & Stoff Studio

May 30, 2018

Paper Round by Custhom & Stoff Studio



In the world of design there is always a new product coming on to the market that makes your heart flutter, one that’s so stunning it promises to temporarily steal your heart.Read More


Window Dressing : Striking Designs from The Window Film Company

May 18, 2018

Whitby design by Mini Moderns for The Window Film Company


A little while ago I was discussing window options with a good friend who had just had a quote for shutters on a bay window and been amazed at the price.Read More