10 of the Best: Simple Scandinavian Candle Holders

October 22, 2018

A quick post today with my edit of ten of the best simple and beautiful candle holders, as some things in the home are best kept simple! Ten of the best As you probably know, I am not a full-blown minimalist by any stretch, but a lot of candle sticks feel too ornate and overdone to me. I believe that the glow of candle light should do the talking, and all of our (many) candle holders fall within this description. It may still be unseasonably warm (no complaints here), but the days are getting noticeably shorter and darker, so late October seems as good a time as any to share my ten favourite candle holders on the market. We’re not going wholly minimal (I couldn’t!) I’ve stuck to simple colour palettes and materials, but each piece has its own simple charm. These are interesting accents but they all sit on the simpler end of the design spectrum. Some have been around for years, others are newer discoveries, I personally have my eye on the oil lamp (which may be cheating!), but I’ll have to save for it, how about you? Let me know your favourite in the comments below. 





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