An Aladdins Cave of Objects of Desire – The Paint House.

October 7, 2013

Paint House Northcote Rd Convex Vintage Mirrors
Amongst the endlessly mundane interiors stores of South West London churning out the same gift-store-style homewares there is one store that uniquely charms me. It is rarely not on the money and there is always something surprising and eye catching. The items range from the purse pinching to the extravagant. This weeks entry is a passing nod to emporium of faultlessness  – The Paint House on Northcote Rd, Battersea.

The buyer at this store has such a good eye when sourcing stock, I have bought so many items from them over the last 18 months, many of which are designed by French company Atelier D’ambiances Chehoma. Here is a brief photographic reconnaissance of the style  inspiration I took on my last visit there a fornight ago.

Paint House Northcote Rd Starburst Mirror for Mantlepiece Paint House Northcote Rd - sea anemone coral vase
This Starburst miniature mirror on stand is a brilliant concession to
 a trend I am not daring enough to embrace on large scale and I love 
this sea anemone coral vase.
Paint House Northcote Rd Chrysler Building Model Pewter lookPaint House Northcote Rd Porcelain Pineapple
I just couldn't leave the store without buying this kitsch Chrysler 
building model cast and the Pineapple and paperweight on the right 
are both gorgeous.
Paint House Northcote Rd Artichoke Salt & Pepper Paint House Northcote Rd Porcelain Mice Cheese plate
I bought some Lobster salt and peppers here last year, this artichoke 
version is gorgeous. The porcelain mice cheese plate - beyond divine.
Paint House Northcote Rd Ornante Lighting Bus Blind Paint House Northcote Rd Ostrich Feather Dusters
This light is a bit too high-end-opulent for our flat, but it is
 beautiful all the same. Who doesn't need an ostrich feather duster 
in their lives!
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
The Paint House, Exterior.

2 thoughts on “An Aladdins Cave of Objects of Desire – The Paint House.

    1. godardgirl Post author

      Hi Tina, Its from a small shop called The Paint House on Northcote Rd, Battersea, London, But it’s produced by French company Atelier D’ambiances Chehoma so you may be able to source it elsewhere. Thanks for looking, Ruthie x


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