Christmas 2020 : Our Kitsch & Colourful Christmas Decorations

November 17, 2020


Last week I wrote about Xmas decor trends for 2020 – spoiler it’s all about kitsch, colour and playfulness! After this shocker of a year, I think we are all in the mood to bring extra joy with our holiday decorations this season. But don’t worry I haven’t actually put the Christmas decorations up for real (yet!), although I will admit that when my child came home from school two days before his birthday, a few weeks back, to find I’d styled his bedroom for Christmas, he was a little confused! I was inspired to write last weeks piece because there are so many lovely decorations around this year, and I am intending a 2020 sabbatical from the traditional pared-back decorative style we’ve had of late. So today’s piece is an illustration of how I think this Christmas will look in our house this year, including my absolute favourite baubles from last weeks edit which I have now purchased.


Decoration:  Banana , Rockett St George.

Decorations:   Tiger in Santa Hat, Paperchase,   Sardine Tin Decoration, Anthropologie.

Decorations: Snow Houses Christmas Card, Kinshipped,  Bambi Fawn, &K Amsterdam from Little Home, nutcracker and soviet cat, both vintage.


I decorate Ted’s bedroom tree each year with animals we have owned for a long time (although I do buy an extra one some years when I see something particularly cute), but what you see here, styled in his bedroom, are the baseline of this years Christmas theme for downstairs. I have some candy cane coloured knitted hearts which will tie-in with the colourful decorations I’ve bought this year, and I have also bought some plain midnight blue baubles so that our tree doesn’t feel too lively.


Decorations: Baking Dinosaur,Paperchase. Sardines,Liberty. Burger,Paperchase,Doctors Bag, Liberty.

Decoration:   Red Lips with Cigarette, Rockett St George  

Decoration: .


Before we moved to our current home I always did a bit of Christmas kitsch, including vintage items that made me feel nostalgic. Somehow that has faded over the years, but this year I am going to forget those boundaries, embrace irreverence and go for something more aesthetically extrovert, and we are intending to craft some decorations too. 



Decoration: Crocodile, Liberty.

Decoration: Hot Dog Decoration, Anthropologie.


So that’s our Xmas theme for the year, I’d love to know if your Christmas is going to be colourful, and also if you are approaching decorations differently this year? Let me know in the comments below.



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