Crushing: Affordable Abstract Art Prints for the home

February 24, 2019


I heard something really interesting at a talk last month on well-being and interiors given by the lovely Topology Interiors.

Art on walls contributes to our sense of happiness, so far so pedestrian you may say, but did you know that representations of kinetic energy in art boosts our mood?  It can enhance both our creativity and wellbeing, so kinetic prints are great for home offices and spaces where you work, or spaces that are lively and you want to be inspired.


Colour Punch

Shapescape No.3 by Jan Skacelik // Papercuts 03 // My Place Poster, Fine Little Day // Wrong Geometry 01 by Wrong // Cold Shoulder by Nord Projects // Life Shapes Us by Project Nord //


Happily there is a lot of art around at the moment where movement is the central focus to test this theory out on. The trend for abstract prints that has been gaining momentum over the last year is super accessible, it’s so easy to blend these pieces in with your personal style without making a dominating statement. However, as you may guess from the power of kinetic works to boost mood, they don’t tend to fade into the background either, providing the perfect visual punch to a scheme. The disjuncture with symmetry in many of these abstract works can provide just the right amount of tension within a space and tease out visual curiosity. 


Simple and Monochrome

Abstract Shapes No.1 Desenio // Hug by Ekaterina Koroleva // Porcelain Plate by H&M // Swish Platter Charcoal // Simple Object 12 by ByCDesignStudio // Object Blanc No.24 by Atelier CPH //


With abstract being a fully fledged micro-trend at the moment, there’s a lot of it to choose from if you know where to look, and as there is a fair bit on the market, many of it is at accessible price points too. I’ve been looking for abstract works that suggest movement to me and have dotted some of my favourites throughout piece, I’ve also looked at some simple examples that reference nature (below). I have a few absolute favourites here, but I think Simple Object 12 may be the most likely to adorn our own walls. What’s your favourite? Id love to hear in the comments below. 


Shapes in Nature

Shell Flower by Hotel Magique // Le Chien by Picasso // Love, Peace & Magique by Hotel Magique // Kamut by Coco Lapine //


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