Design Crush #11

October 21, 2016



It is my dream to have something stylish in our study that will house all of my blogging junk neatly away and look effortlessly stylish whilst playing host to the teenage tidying effort of just stuffing everything into cupboards. I would love to be more organised in this area of my life, but if I’m honest it’s probably quite near to getting a manicure in the ‘if I had time I would like…’ stakes, and people a manicure really isn’t that high up on my wish list. I have a moodboard on Pinterest full of beautiful office furniture and a home office that actually does boast some pretty stylish and lovely pieces (can’t wait to reveal it when I finally get around to sanding the floors – way higher up my list than a manicure!). I was looking at the new collection from Danish home accessory designers Ferm Living, who can be relied upon to design many covetable pieces for home offices (or kitchens, bathrooms, heck most spaces in the home!), when I came across this game changer above. 


ferm living CABINET - DUSTY BLUE


I love it. I love everything about it, each element so simple and so beautiful within the sum of its parts. The colours, the materials and that fretwork (let me come back to that). I’ve been lusting after it all week now and I don’t know if I want it in grey or mint, or in the bedroom or the study. This is all just daydreaming at the moment but if I can justify it in one of those settings I’m sorely tempted by it. It’s not cheap, at £325 but I don’t think it’s horrendously expensive either (eek has the design price fairy been whispering in my ear?). The colour of the wood (which is oak) next to the powder coated steel pastel doors, offset by a chunky leather strap handle, this piece is thoroughly swoon worthy. It’s described as small but deceptively spacious which sounds ideal for hiding the piles of disorganised life admin I was talking about. 


ferm living cabinet details


I can’t talk about this piece without mentioning the fretwork which is the thing that elevates this item from nice to beautiful for me. I just love fretwork, I’m a bit of a sucker for it, especially on a piece of furniture design as utilitarian as this. There’s something so delicate and lace-like about those small holes punched into materials on furniture structures. The play on light and what is solid, it makes you question an item, and creates a sense of delicacy maybe almost fragility. So pretty and so simple all at once. You can buy the mint door option now from Nest, the grey one comes into stock at Ferm Living in December. Which colour would you choose? 


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