Shopping: Gift Guide – 50 Scandi Gifts for Interior & Design Lovers

December 9, 2016

Design Lovers Gift Guide 2016, scandi homewares

Dan asked me recently if I’d made a Christmas wishlist, which was his less than subtle way of telling me that he’d made one himself! Well, asides from the thousands of items I’m coveting on secret Pinterest boards, I have compiled a list, and it’s just 2 short of 50 items! I’ve chosen quite a lot of modern & minimalist pieces with a Scandi vibe, which are perfect after all the extravagance of Christmas, January will be all about pared back glamour here. I’ve tried to cover a price range, there are 3 items over a hundred pounds (all in the first list), three under a fiver and the majority hover somewhere around the £50 mark. Actually we don’t take Christmas very seriously around here present wise and quite often play a game of best present from the pound store but a girl can dream!  As I am a generous sort, I’m also throwing it out on the blog today as a veritable gift guide for anyone stuck for present ideas for home-mad-design-lovers (and not least because I know my husband will actually be able to find this list!). So, if you know a suitable recipient (Me! Me! Me!) someone crazy about design or interiors walk this way my friend, I have four lists, one for general home beauties, one for Kitchenalia, one for office based pretties and bathroom indulgences, God I hope Santa thinks I’ve been good this year! 

For: The House Beautiful

Design Lovers Gift Guide 2016, scandi homewares

1. We already own these but they are absolutely lovely, Twin Blocks by Hay, £49 from Amara. 2. Pricey but fabulous statement piece, I love these Knot cushions by Design House Stockholm, avaible for £69 at Really Well Made. 3. This is so expensive but also such a brilliant investment piece, architectural model of Battesea Power Station by Chisel at Mouse, £150 at SCP. 4. I love this firm, we have a table by them, Lene Bjerre Harris vase, £22 from Houseology. 5. This was in my rundown of blankets a few weeks ago here, a real heirloom piece, Eleanor Pritchard Sunnyside throw exclusively for The Tate, £275 Tate shop. 6. Stunning Melange cushion by Design House Stockholm, £110 at Scandinavian Design Center. 7. Another expensive item I think the right person would keep forever, Patina Oil Lamp by Klong, £118 at Skandium. 8. In the new year I’m saving up for one of these, not least because we need more casual seating options in the living room and these are so up my street style wise. Sit on Me Green Pouf, £90, Scandinavian Design Center. 9. Well priced cushion to add texture to any scheme Static cushion by Ferm Living, £49 from Naken.  10. A modern design classic, Kristian Vedel tall bird, £49 from SCP. 11. Fantastic vase for any monotone scheme, Aria clay vase, £39 from Bodie & Fou. 

For: Stationary Mavens & Home Office Workers

Design Lovers Gift Guide 2016, scandi home office stationary

1. Outline brass bulldog clips by Hay, £9 at SCP 2. Another pretty from Danish firm Hay, I wouldn’t know which colour to pick, maybe red? Avaailable for £3.50 from SMUG. 3. Not entirely for the home office (unless you’re having a bad day) but I’m seeing them arranged on a wall amongst stationary paraphernalia, pick up a crest bottle opener for £39 from Wallpaper* store. 4. This monochrome postcard book is great for just about any home office wall, £14.50 from TwentyTwentyOne. 5. I really feel I need this brass ball point pen in my life (hint, hint) £22 by Midori at SCP. 6. Brass pencil sharpener £4.50 from Showroom. 7. Pencil case designed exclusively for SMUG by The Pattern Guild, this is very high on my list, get it for £22 from SMUG. 8. Oh my god, I want this entire range from Normann, Copenhagen! Long Busy Structure ruler, £9.90 from Normann, Copenhagen. 9. Gorgeous pocket diary by Els & Nels, £15.99 from Trouva. 10. I’m always falling for great typography design, this is a classic example, Skandium matchbox £7.50 from Skandium. 11. Alexander Girard design matches from 1967 reproduced by Vitra and available for £5 from TwentyTwentyOne. 12. Dan, if you are still reading I REALLY WANT THIS! Eraser pot £20 by doyennes of great design Another Country

For: The Person who needs pampering

Design Lovers Gift Guide 2016, scandi homewares kitchenalia


1. Iris Hantverk body brush, £16.50 from Nook.  2. Marble Soap dispenser by Mette Ditmer, Marble soap dispenser, £36 from Scandinavian Design Center. 3. L:A Bruket Wild Rose Soap, £11 through Trouva. 4. A modern design Lovers classic in the most stylish apothecary bottles I know of, do I buy them for the bottles alone? Possibly! Aesop Resurrection hand wash, £27 from Aesop. 5. This White Tea & Peppermint hand cream smells amazing, get it for £5.99 from H&M. 6. This is so stylish and chic, Mette Ditmer’s Tile Stone toiletry bag, £30 from Monoqi. 7. I know not of a more stylish toothbrush (or toothpaste for that matter) than Marvis, get this gorgeous number for £6 through Trouva. 8. A brilliant piece from a social enterprise with a great story, White Tea hand lotion by Soap Co £12 from SMUG.  9. Such beautiful packaging on these Swedish made beauties, and pomegranate & orange sounds divine. Terrible Twins bath salts, £26 for a set of two at Trouva. 10. Wireworks Close up mirror, £70 through Trouva. 11. I’ve been using this for the last 6 months and love it, Revelation body lotion, £7.99 from H&M. 12. Hands down my favourite candle discovery of the year, P.F Candle Co, £18 from Rose & Grey.

For: The Kitechenalia Collector

Design Lovers Gift Guide 2016, scandi homewares kitchenalia

1. Hammered aluminium and wood salad servers, £36.49 from SCP. 2. If I can have one thing for my kitchen this Christmas it’s this beautiful Carina serving plate for £18 Houseology. 3. The beautiful Classic Sauceboat in production since 1975, available for £21 from TwentyTwentyOne. 4. Very lovely lup candle holder by Hay, £17 from Utility Design. 5. Uber stylish terrazzo platter, from £12.50 TwentyTwentyOne. 6. Classic sturdy metal flower scissors, £12 from the Foody Bugle Shop. 7. I just adore all of the Broste Nordic Seaware collection, we own a few bits, you can view the full collection at Atelier Home. 8. I bought this in the Black Friday sales and am excitedly waiting for it to arrive, Marble Pestle & Mortar £45 from La Redoute. 9. These are my kitchen investment piece of the year, I really can’t imagine ever being without them, Hammershoi grinders from £48 at Skandium. 10. Beautiful mixers from Bittermilk available for £18 exclusively in the U.K. to Labour & Wait. 11. Set of 4 Ripple glasses, perfect for any understated kitchen, by Ferm Living £36 from Skandivis.



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