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February 14, 2019


When I was 18 I travelled around Japan with one of my best buddies Nina. It was a country that had always fascinated me and although it was nearly twenty years ago now I can still see the experience so clearly, the sights, the smells, the people and the style.

At 18 I was all about the kitsch, Japan is good at this, even neighbourhood police stations are marked by flying superhero mice emblems(!). I visited Sanrio Purr-o-land (Hello Kitty’s house dont y’know!) bought seventies looking panty cards and more hot pink items than I really should have been allowed back in the country with! How times change, I am no longer collecting Hello Kitty (though admittedly there are choice items of kitsch throughout the house), what I crave these days in the home is serenity and this is where the more traditional approach to Japanese aesthetics steps in.

Japandi Style;

It has been growing for a while; Japandi – meaning the mix of Scandinavian and Japanese styles. I first came across it a few years ago when Danish brand Stelton produced their Japanese inspired tea and coffee range. How do these styles mix? Very well if you ask me. We all know the hallmarks of Scandi, it’s dominated for so long (at least 15 years) that even this abbreviation is used in vitamin adverts on the tube. But where does the Japanese style sensibility marry in with it? It’s the perfect marriage really, a basis of simple, honest materials, a style that’s understated with an emphasis on minimalist lifestyle that prioritizes space and nature in interiors.

The Roots;

Rooted in the philosophies of the Far East, the home is seen as a haven and a place where well thought through minimalism places balance and harmony at its centre. Japanese homes tend to be really well organised (Marie Kondo, anybody?) and there is little room for frills or useless decor of a disposable nature – so far so Scandinavian! 

The Elements;

There’s much to love about the Japanese approach of creating uncluttered sanctuaries with diffused lighting accented by sculptural greenery and it always feels very quietly sophisticated to me. There’s also a lot about Japanese design that is very now – tonal colours, monochromatic schemes or black accents and a focus on layering of natural textures. Less cluttered spaces allow quality items to shine, and I have selected some of my favourites below. I own a few of these and would happily take the rest. At the moment I’m lusting after the Hasami teapot, what’s you’re favourite from my edit? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Ten of the Best Japandi accessories:

From left to right, top to bottom; // Object Blanc no.25, Atelier CPH // Hasami Porcelain Teapot // Collar Milk Jug, Stelton // Wall Light, Wayfair // Rica Round Vase, Oyoy // Stoneware Cup, Form Lifestyle // Osaka Mug Set, MADE // Concrete Soap Dispenser, Mette Ditmer // Black & Rattan Wardrobe, HK Living // Serax Terres De Reves Coffee cup //



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