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January 15, 2019

I always feel a little light headed when Danish brand Ferm Living produce their latest brochure. How will they interpret the new season in their signature style which is both beautiful and accessible, aesthetic but totally liveable?

Ferm Living is one of my very favourite brands, they really can’t do wrong in my eyes, so today I thought we’d take a brief look at how Ferm Living have designed their interiors landscape for 2019, there is much inspiration amongst it (and a few pieces I am desperately coveting!), enjoy!


If there’s one brand I watch each season, it’s this one, I’m not a huge trend watcher but I am always impressed by how well Ferm Living interpret mood. To my mind the 2019 collection is more of a development than a juncture with past themes. So, what’s does this season look like? Well, there is a continuance of the soft earthy hues of the last few seasons, abstract organic forms, a sophisticated play of geometrics, burgundy has moved to brown (which I’m a little unpersuaded by) and I’m delighted to see a further foray into the patterns of natural history.


Amongst the stylish pieces for laid back living that they do so well, are some uncharacteristically detailed wallpaper designs with shells or branches and the coral paper you see above in a new colourway. I was wowed by this design over a year ago and as soon as I find the right spot for it I’m determined to use it. My favourite piece from the new collection is a very elegant and darn right sexy black table lamp (main image, top and also directly below) both solid and fluid, it has the perfect balance for a statement piece.


I just adore Ferm Living’s approach to pared back but beautiful style, I always steer friends and clients away from buying the whole look from one place, but this brand may just be my exception to the rule! I wonder, a house decked out in Ferm Living whilst undoubtedly lazy, would it actually sing, especially if you were using their styled images to springboard the whole look from (those paint colours, that gigantic shell!).


I’m most drawn to the black pieces in the new collection, the aforementioned black table lamp, the watering can, the side table and the monochrome textiles. I’m also a massive fan of the natural history motifs deconstructed (particularly the desert rug thats pattern looks like a deconstructed rock). Not all items are available on site to buy or pre-order yet, but below is my selection of 10 of my favourites. Which items would you pick from the latest collection? You can see the full Spring Summer brochure from Ferm Living here.


From left to right, top to bottom: Arum table lamp, coming soon // Mirage Blanket // Pear Braided Storage // Leaf Cushion // Duo Candle // Poise Oval Mirror // Rest Lamp // Insert Side Table // Muses Ania // Desert Tufted Rug //


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