New Season Interiors; Soft Palettes, Fluid Shapes, natural textures and line drawings

September 11, 2019

Items clockwise from top left: //  Marseilles Table lamp by HAY, Goodhood Store  //  Reuben wooden chair, Cult Furniture  //  Relief Astrid Vase by Lindform, Skandium  //  Krokholmen Cutwork metal coffee table, IKEA  //  Well Vase by Ferm Living at Smallable  // Zola Throw, Stoff Studio for MADE.
I love the feeling of a fresh start and possibility that September brings. Inevitably my mind turns to the home, what small updates I might make, how things may be swapped around for the new season, and perhaps a couple of small purchases (well if you insist, there are a few items on this list I may need to talk to Santa about later in the year!). I was never much of a chaser for the September issue of Vogue and the like, but new interiors launches (and there are a lot of them in September) always have my attention. There is only really one item that I feel I need to own on this list, a textile collaboration between Stoff Studio (who I love and have covered on here before) and MADE. However, whilst I’m not going to purchase most of this, I love adding them to boards on Pinterest, looking at the new season can help focus me on the direction I want to change things up in the home, small tweaks, or to source for clients.


Items clockwise from top left:  //  Reckord Accent Chair, MADE Talent Lab  //  Eucalyptus, Fox Flowers  //  Bamboo Floor Lamp, H&M Home  //  Hera Side Table from West Elm  //  Speckled Throw, West Elm  //  Le Buisson Print by Matisse, Poster Club  //  
The items I have chosen have a (rough) commonality, they largely fall towards natural, with soft palettes, and where I am looking at pattern or illustration, fluid shapes and line drawings. I am not sure if I am honing in on a wider trend because it appeals to me or if these items coincidentally reflect where we’re at in our own home, but I find myself saving more and more items that lie in between glamorous and rustic, subtle and sophisticated if you will. I’m seeing line drawing everywhere and it’s something I love as a continuation of the mark making trend I was fascinated by last year. I’ve included the Matisse prints as Poster Club have recently started selling these previously unavailable works (I have a tote bag of the Nadia au Menton print in my bedroom for this exact reason), but there are many lovely modern dupes of this style too, and even textiles like the one from West Elm below which reminds me of Jean Cocteau sketches.
Items clockwise from top left: //  Fable Rug, West Elm  //  Ikat Merino Cushion, Heals  //  Perth monochrome stoneware vase, Habitat  // Tazi Incense Holder, Anthropologie  //  Nadia au Menton Print by Matisse, Poster Club  // Ceramic terracotta planter by Broste at Smallable  //
Earthier pinks are still on my radar, and natural materials. The only item I own on this list is the Bamboo floor lamp from H&M, I bought it for Teds room but am sorely tempted to re-home it where I can look at it all the time! Alongside the aforementioned throw and light, one final item gets special mention. I have been collecting fluted glass items since Ferm Living launched their Ripple collection a few years ago so I couldn’t make a list without something curved, the fluted marble side table from West Elm is just stunning, it’s stolen my heart and if I could find space for it, I would! Oh and also, the chair by MADE talent lab, I love this concept of supporting young designers to have their creations made by a high street brand. I love the Rekord chair, but equally the whole talent lab section on MADE’s site is a treasure trove of cutting edge pieces with longevity.
What’s on your radar at the moment? Do the pieces I’ve chosen fit within your ideas for home projects coming up? I’d love to know in the comments below.




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