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December 12, 2013


My favourite things at the moment: Thornback & Peel festive tea towels, Jacques Etagere bookcases, Ikea hacks, Christmas songs, Liberty of London, Sophie Allport textiles.


  1. Festive tea towels in stock again by brilliant purveyors of simple but gorgeous design, British company Thornback & Peel. These are so cute I had to buy both last year! Think we are just about far enough through December for me to legitimately start using them again.  Hooray.            Thornback & Peel Robin Stag Tea Towel
  2. I am totally and utterly in love with this exquisite piece of design by Jacques Etagere. The Lucite polished brass and glass bookcase is available from Jonathan Adler for a cool  £1,995. If the design Santa is listening, I have been a really good girl this year. If, as likely not, I’m wondering if I might have a go at one of the brilliant Ikea Hacks from Anna Atunes, I particularly like the simple sprayed gold one:       Jacques Etagere Jonathan Adler Bookcase Ikea hacks
  3. The behind the scenes at  Liberty of London documentary currently running on Channel 4. So fascinating, I thought it may turn me against my favourite shop, but it really hasn’t. I loved Grayson Perry’s description of the store in the first episode as being ‘like an old aunty that takes you out to tea and is always impeccably dressed’ and the print designer who is so in love with her job that she can never imagine working anywhere else. Oh the luck!
  4. Christmas textiles again, this one is from Sophie Allport. I love her entire stags range but especially this textile,  I have bought 2 metres of it to use as a table cloth.                              Sophie Allport Stag
  5. Have I mentioned before that I really love the Christmas season?!? I am currently driving Dan to distraction with the shameless playing of Christmas songs. Alongside the many, many, carols, my current playlist favourites are:                                                                                                                                                                                                             Favourite Christmas Songs

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