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Little Details – Light Bulbs & Fittings

February 3, 2014

incandescent SQUIRRELCAGE filament vintage light bulbs

I tend to call this having a tedious moment, or a middle class dilemma, when I find myself scouring endlessly  online for the cheapest version of some design detail or indulgence I am certain a room refurb won’t be complete without! And without wishing to sound too worthy, I do scowl inwardly at myself for getting caught up in the chase for these objects. But I am also quite a firm believer that it is the small details which can bring most joy and be designed most effectively. I’d love to be able to buy vintage radiators but have scaled my detail hunting down to more economical items like light switches, bulbs & door handles. They are often the bits that can get overlooked in the bigger picture of a room design but the ambiance of light and the feel of a switch are the essential jigsaw pieces that complete a space. Here are some of my favourite finds.Read More