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Nöel: Baubles & Pretty Things

November 11, 2015


How early is too early to start thinking about Christmas?! I have a slightly over-enthusatic inclination as winter draws in to sit perusing recipes and decorations, planing for the time when your home feels most cosy and sociable. I’ve seen magazine shoots on Instagram for months and now the print magazines and adverts have started gearing up I’ve taken the plunge and collected together my favourite Christmas decorations.  If you add to your treasure trove of Christmas pieces each year then you’ve come to the right place, mine isnt out of control quite yet but it’s getting there.  Of all the many things, one of the things I love most about Christmas decorations is the tradition of things in miniature, from whole worlds inside baubles to nativities on shelves, from menageries of hanging animals and houses in miniature as tea light holders, here is my festive home rundown.Read More