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November 11, 2015


How early is too early to start thinking about Christmas?! I have a slightly over-enthusatic inclination as winter draws in to sit perusing recipes and decorations, planing for the time when your home feels most cosy and sociable. I’ve seen magazine shoots on Instagram for months and now the print magazines and adverts have started gearing up I’ve taken the plunge and collected together my favourite Christmas decorations.  If you add to your treasure trove of Christmas pieces each year then you’ve come to the right place, mine isnt out of control quite yet but it’s getting there.  Of all the many things, one of the things I love most about Christmas decorations is the tradition of things in miniature, from whole worlds inside baubles to nativities on shelves, from menageries of hanging animals and houses in miniature as tea light holders, here is my festive home rundown.

New York Fairytale

West Elm candy stripe christmas garland mistletoe trees

Americans tend to do Christmas on a scale and with such unrivalled gusto that I can’t help but admire, and since West Elm launched in the UK two winters ago I have bought Xmas stuff from them each year. I think some of their pieces come back annually, adhearing to the addage if something isn’t broken… This year I am buying three of these items, all West Elm. 1. Candy striped Pom Pom Garland, £16 2. Felt Tree, £16 3. Felt Mistletoe, £10, I tried to get this last year but it sold out, hooray for its return! 4. Felt Garland in either Red or white, £14. All items West Elm.

Kitsch Xmas


Who can’t resist a bit of kitsch at Christmas?! I’m all for beautiful fresh and clean Scandi chic displays in white, they are beautiful, but this is ground I feel more comfortable on when it comes to Christmas. Christmas to me is lights and fun and I am far too much of a magpie with Chritsmas decorations to limit myself to somethuing tasteful and under one theme! 1. Bambi Dome, £10.50, Rockett St George2. Christmas Tree Car Bauble, £15.95, Graham & Green 3. Wild West Globe, £19.95, again Graham & Green 4. Glass panda’s, £20 set of four, Habitat.

Nordic Winter WhiteNordic Christmas Woodland decorations

Having said the above in regards to kitsch I am also very drawn to white Xmas decs and whilst my Christmas will never look stylised I think the odd dash of white looks really pretty. If I needed any more white this year I would buy these: 1. White Wooden Tree Decoration, £3.00 from Houseology  2. Elvie Ceramic Pinecones, £9 for two, Rowen & Wren  3. White Ceramic Cone, £4.50 Design Vintage  4. Hanging White Feathers, £29.95 for set of six, Graham & Green.

Traditional cute

Carluccios Twentytwentyone christmas decorations

1. This may be the most stylish and the cutest Christmas robin I’ve ever seen, from design store twentytwentyone, £8 2 & 3. I love Italian Christmas (it’s probably Nigellas fault) and Carluccios never disappoint. I bought one of these advent calendars a few years back and the chocolates were amazing so I’m holding high hopes for the contents of this Chocolate Filled Tree Decoration (£1.95) along with this years variation on their Advent Calendar staple (£11.95) 4. These nostalgic pretty pastel angels make me smile with nostalgia, £10.50 twentytwentyone.



1. How darling are these trees? I’ve seen a few great miniature ones here and a cute small fake tree at The White Company which has almost persuaded me that I may need it as fireplace adornment but I think these, £4.50 each from Cox & Cox are my favourites  2. I have a terrible weakness for deer – oh deer (sorry!) I seem to amass a few each winter, I love this one, £7.50 for four again at Cox & Cox  3. These Robins £4.50 for four from IKEA are fab 4. Now, if you are a grown up child like me you will love miniature tea light houses, these Dutch Houses, £59 for three, from Plumo are actually pretty huge, going to put them in toddlers room but know they’re for me as much as him!

Homespun festive charm

Alphabet christmas tree decorations pop up st pauls
1. This is the first bit of Xmas typography that’s persuaded me, may have to get a little T for the tree or even a Noel for the mantelpiece, Woodshop Monogram Ornament, £6.00, Anthropologie  2. This Black Glass Sharded Bauble, Triflora, £6.25 from Selfridges is very striking  3. Paper Cut Pop-Up St. Paul’s is just perfect, £4.25 from Angel at My Table.

Baubles and pretty things

Christmas decorations candelabra fair isle baulbles
1. Christmas decs really do cover the plethora of tastes possible, these atomic shaped Tree Stars are my favourite item from Habitat this year, £12 for a set of four  2. This candelabra would look fabulous in a dark coloured room, as styled in shot, it looks utterly modern and classic at the same time. Eden Brass Candle Tree Candelabra, £48 from Rowen & Wren   3. Fair isle everywhere, if you’re wearing it then it seems rude not to dress the tree accordingly! Inka Fairisle Baubles, £4.75 each, Design Vintage.

Scandi Geometrics in Pastel

Ikea Christmas dEcorations 2015

I absolutely love the styling IKEA have done with this years decs, I saw them first on Brit & Co and am won over. 1. These geometric baubles may look out of place anywhere other than our bedroom (and I think my partner may draw the line at bedroom dec’s!) still they are great value at £3.50 for 5, Ikea  2. Pretty table centre piece, Strala LED Star Table Decoration Light, £24 Ikea.


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