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10 Best Botanical Leaf Print Wallpapers

August 8, 2016

best botanical and tropical leaf print wallpapers

Image: Design Soda

If you have eyes and ears I’m sure you’ve noticed tropical palm and banana leaf prints are a massive trend in homes and fashion at the moment, all over the catwalk (sometimes head to toe outfits, I’m looking at you Dolce and Gabanna!), homewares, fabrics, paper and I’m totally seduced by them. I think our new obsession with leaves in the home started with our acceptance en masse of succulents and cacti into our homes a few years back followed by the adoption of larger house plants, last year was definitely the year of the cheese plant, looks like this year may be the fiddle leaf tree, both of which are beautiful but utterly toxic to cats. We have one very shady border in our garden so I’ve been looking at all of the beautiful different leaf patterns Mother Nature has created in quite a lot of detail over the last few months and all of these leaf prints make my heart sing.Read More


Through the aperture: Summer in London

August 5, 2016

byron burger interior caramel and turquoise

Byron Burger, Caramel & Turquoise colour hunting


I got some exciting news this week when an email dropped in from a magazine who would like to feature our bathroom in their makeovers section, we have just had a seaside break seeing family in Scarborough and my home is currently full of fresh flowers from the garden, so August is looking good so far! Here are some of the things that have caught my eye. Image above is a beautiful colour combination in Byron Burgers Wandsworth caramel leather and turquoise walls, only problem with this place is going with one of your favourites on lunch hour and not wanting to leave…


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My pick of cutting garden favourites (& ideas for how to style them)

August 1, 2016

DIY Pineapple vase flower arrangement styling interiors

Image: Design Soda


It’s the first day of August and right now Mother Nature is putting on quite a show in our garden, flowers are everywhere in abundance. We’ve been celebrating each new bloom by bringing them into the home throughout July and I’ve been watching what thrives best and looks well within our interior style. I’m over the moon to have a garden to grow flowers in, not only are they much cheaper than florists and fresher too but there’s something really pleasing about watching your blooms come from shoots and blossom on top of which I love the smell and they are great for your wellbeing in a space. I’ve been reading Holly Becker’s Decorate with Flowers this month (which  I highly recommend) and last week I was at a brilliant workshop put together by bloomon on modern flower arrangements so I thought I’d put together some of the top tips I’ve learned and some styling ideas for if you fancy growing a cutting garden but don’t know where to start. I’ve had window boxes and front garden pots for years so I have some tried and trusted faves along with new additions that I’m now able to grow in our outdoor space and work really well indoors.Read More