10 Best Botanical Leaf Print Wallpapers

August 8, 2016

best botanical and tropical leaf print wallpapers

Image: Design Soda

If you have eyes and ears I’m sure you’ve noticed tropical palm and banana leaf prints are a massive trend in homes and fashion at the moment, all over the catwalk (sometimes head to toe outfits, I’m looking at you Dolce and Gabanna!), homewares, fabrics, paper and I’m totally seduced by them. I think our new obsession with leaves in the home started with our acceptance en masse of succulents and cacti into our homes a few years back followed by the adoption of larger house plants, last year was definitely the year of the cheese plant, looks like this year may be the fiddle leaf tree, both of which are beautiful but utterly toxic to cats. We have one very shady border in our garden so I’ve been looking at all of the beautiful different leaf patterns Mother Nature has created in quite a lot of detail over the last few months and all of these leaf prints make my heart sing.

Cole & Son Jungle leaf wallpaper

Image: SuitcaseMag Instagram feed

Actually, pretty well everything is on a bit on a botanical bent here at the moment, plants coming together in the house, flower arranging, completing the borders in the garden, choosing a feature wallpaper for the hallway, preparing for an outdoor christening party and in a few weeks I’m off to learn how to make a kokedama with the fabulous geo-fleur! So, today as I can’t seem to escape botanicals I thought I’d share some of my favourites from my hunt for a leaf print paper. alongside the bold palm fronds you’d expect you should also find some more traditional designs that may not look quite so 2016 in a few years time. Are you ready for the tour?

botany by lemon tropical palm wallpaper

Image: Made by Lemon

Based on the original Martinique wallpaper in the Beverley Hills hotel which is where this trend started for me with some great new interpretations of a decades old classic that’s still in production. The original is used to great effect with pink tiles in Palm Vaults lavatories which I’m hoping to visit soon (not just for the toilets, the whole fit out looks amazing). This design comes from Made by Lemon and is about as near to exquisite as a paper gets, I am utterly persuaded by it, the only reason it didn’t make my final choice was because I felt it would look better on a whole wall or at least one with a greater expanse than the one I have in mind. Its called Botany and you can view it here.



Image: Archiproducts

This may be the most beautiful paper on here, it’s a proper piece of luxury interior design, I can see it working fantastically in so many settings, but wouldn’t it look great in a huge bathroom or conservatory? It’s called Exotic Damier, for price point inquiries look here.


Hygge & West Aja Teal wallpaper by justina blakeney

Image: Hygee & West

Hygee & West make me wish that I lived in America, I love their vibrant sensibility and use of pattern with gusto. They have impeccable taste in the designers they choose to work with and this design Aja in teal from Justina Blakeney is completely mad and beautiful, its too far out of budget sadly but I absolutely love it. Get it from Hygee & West here

etched arcadia mural wallpaper

Image: Anthropologie

I have a bit of an obsession with mural wall features, our house isn’t grand enough to justify one but I love looking at how people use them to really pull together looks in their decor. I chose this because of its understatement and simplicity, it wouldn’t dominate a space so is really pretty versatile to whatever your tastes are. It’s a little off piste as its technically a forest and not leaves, but isn’t it lovely? Etched Arcadia exclusively for Anthropologie here

jungle palm print wallpaper by Cole & Son

Image: The Shiny Squirrel Tumblr


I almost couldn’t include this paper in my rundown as both sources I found it from had fallen into a Pinterest/Instagram black hole and could not be attributed to source. Happily I’ve matched it to the output of Cole & Son. It’s called jungle Palm, I love everything this company does, from the first wallpapers i ever bought from them 7 years ago, they are one of my go to’s for seeing interpretations of trends in timeless and beautiful papers. There are so many of their papers on my wish list and this is one of them, would look super opulent in a chinoiserie setting and as its Cole & Son there’s a great range of colour ways to choose from, get a look here.


tarovine-green-midnight house hackney wallpaper

Image: House of Hackney

Is it possible to do a run down of tropical leaf prints without including something by British design powerhouse House of Hackney? Their looks are so ingrained in modern design I find it hard to believe that they’ve still only been around for a couple of years. I was quite tempted to put forward their soon to be released Limerence which was originally designed for their recent Annabel’s refurb but I’ve opted for this classic cheese plant print Tarovine which as with so many House of Hackney designs has an outrageous quality to it, kind of a techno opulence if you will. House of Hackney here


The Loft and Us Feuilles De Luxe Bleu wallpaper

Image: The Loft & Us

Because it’s not always about the green (though this paper does come in green too,) this would look so fresh in a bedroom. It’s designed by The Loft & Us which is a company set up by an interior designer looking for unique homewares in a middle budget that she had trouble sourcing so she designed her own! This print is one of her hand drawn designs and it’s beautiful, very talented lady. Feuilles De Luxe Bleu coming soon, £85 per roll here.


BRASILIA leaf pattern Wallpaper

Image: Archiproducts


This is so decadent, definitely a great option for an entertaining room, again it’s from Archiproducts, its called  Brasilia and price enquirers can be made here.


banana leaf print wallpaper tropical botanical decor

Image: Wallpaper4Beginners


I’ve included this banana leaf paper partly because of its spectacular price point, I found this Italian company on Etsy and they have a brilliant range of self adhesive removable papers all for under £30 a roll. I love the statement of this beautiful print, and it’s a great option for renters wanting to transform a space without loosing the deposit. Get it here.


Boras Tapeter Oxford leaf print leaves botanical wallpaper

Image: Tangletree Interiors pin

Now if you love this paper as much as me I apologise, it’s from Swedish company Boras Taperter.  But I’m afraid I think it stopped being sold about a year ago. It’s called Oxford and is so elegant and classic. If you like this, Boras Taperter Produce many other great botanical prints so check out their stable here.

And I chose….

Monstera leaves Pattern Wallpaper

Images: Wallflora

This One!

Finally (am I cheating? this is no.11) I give you the paper we have gone with which would have certainly been in 10 of the best if it hadn’t made the actual final cut. It’s another one from Etsy with a great price point, this studio is called Wallflora and it’s lovely Latvian owner is making me a sheet in my bespoke size. My plan for the hallway is to make a panelled border that the leaf print will fit into which will then have a few leaf and pineapple coat hooks to provide the additional guest coat space when we eventually loose the ugly porch extension out front. Can’t wait for it to arrive so that I can put it all together, will keep you updated when it arrives!


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  2. velentzas home

    I really like the one you chose, however I would have to go with the fourth one from the top, the Exotic Demier. I really like the tile design and I think it will look great in my living room. I just hope it isn’t too expensive though…


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