Through the aperture: Summer in London

August 5, 2016

byron burger interior caramel and turquoise

Byron Burger, Caramel & Turquoise colour hunting


I got some exciting news this week when an email dropped in from a magazine who would like to feature our bathroom in their makeovers section, we have just had a seaside break seeing family in Scarborough and my home is currently full of fresh flowers from the garden, so August is looking good so far! Here are some of the things that have caught my eye. Image above is a beautiful colour combination in Byron Burgers Wandsworth caramel leather and turquoise walls, only problem with this place is going with one of your favourites on lunch hour and not wanting to leave…


Cafe Smug, Islington

Surface Pattern Design, Smug tables


I’ve spent a fair bit of time in Islington of late, the following pics are all round and about the Islington area. This is one for those that love surface pattern design, it’s one of the fabulous reclaimed vintage tables at Cafe Smug, everything Lizzie does has the perfect balance of style, right down to her choice of just the right shade of wrecked metal tables, I just love them.


amwell street vintage dairy storefront

Amwell Street Vintage Design


It’s a cliche these days I know but who doesn’t love to see an old fashioned store front? The dairy is now a hairdressers and I’m pretty sure the original facade has been given some added extras but I entirely love it.


Antropologie tiled chevron flooring

Antropologie tiled chevron flooring


Every 6 months or so I treat myself to a trip into one of my favourite shops, this is Anthropologie Regent Street which I visited in vain hope of finding some limited edition Suite One Studios pink specked plates, torn between my love of all the pretties on their shelves and the gorgeous chevron tiled floor.


Georgian street square london

Understated Elegance of a Georgian Square in Islington


One of the best things about living in London is happening upon a good old London square and Islington has them in droves, they are far more understated than some of the most moneyed parts of London and I really love their quiet elegance.

How’s your summer looking so far?



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