Design Details: Styling White Wood Flooring with Woodpecker Flooring

February 2, 2018

Real wood engineered flooring from Woodpecker, natural scandinavian decor ideas and inspiration, bolig styling, rustic monochrome interior design

Image: Design Soda


We are all different, but to my mind, floors in the home are best when either wood or tiled. I like the look of solid floors, and when layered with rugs I think they allow for more Read More


Colourful Windows with Shutterly Fabulous

January 26, 2018

Shutterly Fabulous - Pastel Dining Colourful shutter ideas and inspiration window dressing style


As someone with a naturally maximalist instinct who can’t live with a look once it teeters just the wrong side of curated clutter there are some things that I am decidedly minimalist about. Window dressing is one such thing, we have only ever had roman blinds, roller blinds, and shutters in our homes. Whilst the full length drape of curtain can look incredibly alluring and glamorous, I know that I want something more sleek and streamlined.

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Living Room Makeover: Design Plans & Before Pictures

January 23, 2018

Design Soda Living Room Moodboard, bohemian mid century scandinavian design (1) 

There are big changes afoot in the living room for 2018. A whole new look with new furniture and a paint choice which makes a stark break from the previous style. If someone had said to me five years ago Read More


Snug as a Bug: Tips on Designing Your Bedroom and Getting a Good Nights Sleep with Tempur & Warren Evans

January 2, 2018

WARREN EVANS TEMPUR MATRESS TIPS FOR A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP, Scandinavian Monochrome bedroom design ideas and inspiration (1)


Happy New Year! I hope you’ve all had a lovely Christmas break, I’ve really enjoyed the extra downtime with family, and it must be noted the odd lie-in too! There’s almost no place in my home I love as much as my bedroom so it’s nice to have had some extra time in it.Read More


Gift Guide: Perfectly Luxurious Stocking Fillers From Homesense

December 13, 2017

Luxury Stocking Filler Guide from Homesense

Image: Design soda


We are not quite at the pre-Christmas point where we start running around like headless turkeys (yet!) trying to find gifts for those that are most difficult to buy for Read More