Summer Blues: Best Bright and Neon Blue Homewares

May 11, 2022


I don’t like to play favourites, but you have to hand it to blue, it is a very versatile and persuasive shade! I usually gravitate towards the blue-green hinterland, but lately I’ve been attracted to a different blue – a more immediate and shocking shade. Dark-almost-neon blue, vivid blue, Yves Klein blue, sometimes Matisse blue, the kind of blue that pops and creates energy instead of calming. I have been drawn to bright blues in my clothes over the last year, and as with everything, where fashion leads homeware follows! 



I took a chance on a £3.99 candle from H&M (pictured above) and it’s creating the loveliest energy in the room. This statement blue also feels very clean, it brings warmer climbs like the French/Italian Riviera or Morocco to mind. So I thought I would put together a little micro trend round up of my favourite punchy blue accessories. From high end to high street, I love all of these pieces, perhaps the Bold padded chair by Moustache most of all. What’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments below x



// 1. Picasso Ceramic Vase – Zara Home //  2. Slit Table – Hay Design // 3. Colorama  Baking Dish – Bornn // 4. Bold Padded chair – Moustache // 5. E27 Pendant lamp by Muuto // 6. Apollo Bookends by Sophia Enjoy Thinking at Liberty //  7.  A Splash Of Magique Print – Hotel magique // 8. Patterned glass vase – H&M  // 9. Bright blue pillar candle – H&M // 10. Mara Knotted Rug – Ferm Living // 11. Imperial Blue Coupe Dinner Plates – Denby // 12. Untitled AP10 throw – & Tradition // 13. Wave Laundry Bag – Habitat // 14. Large Scallop Round Tray Blue – Accesorize // 16. Rectangular Chopping Board – Hay Design  // 17. Bead Basket – Hay Design // 18. Crewel Leaf Cushion Cover – West Elm // 19. Studio Side Table Blue – Habitat // 20. Plant Box, bright blue – Ferm Living. 






2 thoughts on “Summer Blues: Best Bright and Neon Blue Homewares

  1. Mel Lissack

    As you know I adore blue! I’m usually much more of a fan of teal blue than such a bold blue, but I’m absolutely loving your picks!


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