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August 9, 2017

Sourcing Unique statement furniture in the uk, interiors home decor ideas

We cover a lot of high street on Design Soda, especially the most accessible parts, but where the high street is a fantastic place for sheer breadth of variety, sometimes you want an accent or statement that is slightly more unusual, something that isn’t duplicated across multiple homes in the country and which has the kind of charm that becomes a part of the fabric of your home. So today I thought I’d share some of my go-to independent stores for unique furniture pieces. These are the ones I look at most regularly when I’m first planning a room for a client, or looking for something a bit off beat with character for my own home. I’ve tried to avoid the big guns that you may already shop with like Rockett St George, Cox and Cox or Oliver Bonas in favour of the smaller stores that may not be on everyone’s radar. As I’ve limited myself to five I haven’t had space to mention great stores like Out There Interiors, Rowen & Wren or Mink but they are well worth a browse too. Here are my top five picks: 


5 Great independent stores with great unique furniture pieces  Zurleys

Images: Zurleys


Zurleys are the newest store on my radar, stocking a wide range of furniture with a unique feel, from vintage-look and industrial to bohemian and Art Deco. Their pieces are chosen from carefully sourced brands, many of which are based in the U.K. Items are priced to be accessible but they are definitely investment pieces that are made to last. I absolutely love the leather chair above which has a Scandinavian meets modernist vibe and would be ideal in our study. 


Hollys House 5 Great independent stores with great unique furniture pieces 

Images: Holly’s House


Hollys House is probably one of my all time favourites, it’s only been going for a few years but this store has captured my heart and attention countless times. Interior designer Holly’s carefully curated items displays a true stylists eye to stock picking and are always beautiful. This is a store you can rely on for anything from kitchenwares and decorative objects to beautiful armchairs and tables. 


Atkin & Thyme 5 Great independent stores with great unique furniture pieces 

Images: Atkin & Thyme


Atkin & Thyme stock a smaller range than some, but what they do stock is incredibly covetable. I bought my sofa in the cocktail room from here and I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on it. Victoria & Nick who own the company, source far and wide to bring unique statement pieces to your home that are made in small batches by artisans so you won’t find them replicated across other brands ranges.  


5 Great independent stores with great unique furniture pieces Rose & Grey

Images: Rose & Grey


I have been shopping with Rose and Grey for years, they are great for all kinds of accessories, we have everything from faux plants to vintage style metal circus signs from here, but their furniture is equally as gorgeous, and the mid-century range they first launched last year is so spot-on, unique and modern with just the right note of bygone era charm. 


5 Great independent stores with great unique furniture pieces, Graham & Greene

Images: Graham & Green


Final place to a true stalwart, Graham & Green have been going for decades, and I always look forward to the catalogue drop from them each season. I think G&G’s signature is colour and statement that is durable and fun. There’s always a true eclectic mix of wares, I love their eye for warm metals and glamour, the pineapple trend may be over, but I’d happily make an exception for this pineapple table above, just gorgeous.

Are there any stores that aren’t on my radar but should be? I’d love to know where you find unique statement pieces online. 


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