Through The Aperture

February 10, 2016

Through The Aperture
There are so many posts I want to write at the moment that remain stuck in drafts as I hectically decorate the new house (unbelievably there’s not too much left to do now!) so I thought I’d share an easy post today of things that have inspired me out and about around London that I’ve snapped on my phone. Through the aperture:

Pink Formica Sunshine

Pink Formica Sunshine - 
Unexpected glimpse of shade favourite in some dated lavatories.

Art Deco Paper


Art Deco Wallpaper, Byron, Holborn.


Art Deco Architecture London

Fabulous 20's Architecture - London Ethical Society

V&A Lighting


V&A lighting



The Earlsfield


Carousel - always a little giddy to find a carousel.

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