Through The aperture: Colour Hunting in Late Summer

September 19, 2016

Through the aperture Notting Hill pastels, sunlit streets, kitsch trinkets


I write this in a jumper and it will probably be freezing cold and decidedly wintery by the time you read this, but we have had something of the long promised Indian summer recently, a couple of 31 degree days in the last few weeks and I’ve so enjoyed walking the sunlit bathed streets of London capturing the pastel houses as I go, alongside a fair few pastel versions of kitsch which sit quite well alongside all this pretty colour. Enjoy!





Bourbon Biscuit Kitsch


When you’re in a supermarket and your husband finds oversized versions of English classic biscuits, I think there’s nothing more appropriate than bringing them home and shooting them on favourite pieces of fabric before dunking them in tea! I just love the design details in old biscuits, bourbons remind me so much of childhood. This one is posed on a lovely fabric by Studio Flock.



Dreamlands Souvenir


I bought this rubber for a friends birthday, it’s not just the perfect motto for life (if you like that kind of thing) but fabulous on a rubber, plus it’s in kitsch candy cane striped packaging, what more could you ask for from a rubber?



The Barbara Cartland of Biscuits!


Custard creams are like the most flouncy of biscuits, don’t you think? This ones shot on a lovely Kangan Aurora textile that was made exclusively for Smug.



Notting Hill Pastel Heaven


One of “those” roads on Notting Hill, where you see everyone with their camera out to shoot a house and post on Instagram, but they are just so darn pretty that you can’t help but do the same! This one is located on my favourite roads Lansdowne Rd, the villas are swoony and all painted in the most fabulous dreamscape shades.



Blue & White


A friend pointed out that this may be Doctor Who’s Tardis, maybe, what do you think? I love how fresh the blue looks against the White.



The House that would like to be Fortnum & Mason

My favourite building in Scarborough, it’s on top of my husbands parents place so I’ve seen it many times, but it always makes me smile. I like to think of it as “If Fortnum & Mason made buildings…”. The colours are so brilliant, splendid but with the right touch of kitsch. I’m sure those cameos would try to blend in demurely on other buildings but this building has no intention of blending in to the landscape. Hurrah.


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