House Tour: Our Old Bedroom

November 7, 2015

Scandi Colour Pop geometric bedroom


So, it’s all been a bit quiet on the blog front whilst we move and now that we have left the old apartment I have been thinking about our old bedroom and the dilemmas new design choices present. I thought I would share some pics I took before we left which I am using as an initial mood board for our next bedroom. I was really happy with our bedroom design, it always felt bright and interesting whilst not being too busy and was a very comfortable space. There are some things I would like to tweak or update, but on the whole my challenge/opportunity is to find how to translate my cosy space onto a larger room so that it still feels like our den (I know, it’s a lovely dilemma!). I definitely want the pineapple wall sconce from Caravan to still be a central focal point but am not sure I want two, they would balance well either side of the bed, but I’ve never been too sold on matchy-matchy design, it may be best on a wall that hits your eye line as you enter the room. Another element I really like is the scattered typography, I particularly like my metal vintage Number 3 which came in this bright orange hue and was sprayed black, I hope this translates without too much trouble in the new space, the typography may need to be grouped loosely on wall-space near to one another.

bedroom neon colour pop Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
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I am generally a cool colours person but I love the warmth of pink, especially the copper pink tones so on trend this year. I’m not sure I could take it on a whole wall (though I’m contemplating it for the downstairs loo) so I scattered numerous accents of pink within the room and this helps to make what could be quite a cool Scandi space (especially with the floors) warm and cosy. One dilemma we didn’t have to deal with in the last apartment was wardrobes, as we had a space between the bedroom and loft to hang clothes, I find wardrobes really difficult and tend to err on the side of either really expensive or vintage, continuing my love of pink I’m thinking we may go with this blush coloured wardrobe in our new home. But I also really love vintage Art Deco wood wardrobes, the dimensions seem to be a bit impractical for clothes hoarding, but I’m not giving up on this idea as I think the room could do with some warmth from wood so the search continues.

wall display monovhrome typography faux taxidermy stags head deer

I generally find wall art quite a challenge on a budget, I love the geometric Australian art print below and the Cox & Cox resin antlers. The arrangement above is a collection of nic-nacs, instagram pics I like and a typography Bla print by One Must Dash which is dead cute. My piece de resistance is the &K Amsterdam faux taxidermy deer head which I had to buy directly through the company in Holland as I couldn’t source it in this size in the UK. I rather like its kitsch-ness but also thought it was truer to the taxidermy look than anything else I saw. I love taxidermy but know that I couldn’t live with a set of cold dead eyes looking at me!

Cactus Succulent bedroom styling gold elephant vintage objects

There are many textiles I definitely want to keep, the Coral & Tusk, Fine Little Day and the colourful Kangan Arora which is quite a new purchase. I’m also hoping to sneak in some of the pieces I put in my textile edit recently. I’m not sure this is the first space we will decorate but its definitely quite prominently in my thoughts at the moment, wish me luck!Bedroom



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