Design Crush #10

July 27, 2016

Studio-Flock-geometric surface patter ply furniture
Image: Studio Flock

Help, I have literally nowhere to put this, but I am totally in love with it! The coffee table on the right (but I’d take either of the others too) It’s glorious, the definition of style, so colourful, so noisy, so anarchic, hell just so everything! OK, enough of the hyperbole, but it makes me want to bin other bits of furniture to make room, I’m a little in love with this company and their fine sense of pattern. I bought a cushion from them a while back which is a real stunner and, having seen a peek on their Instagram feed, I can’t wait for their rug collection for FLoor_Story to launch at Design Junction this year. A fellow blogger featured these tables last week just when I’d started drafting this so it’s clearly going to be a design hit everywhere soon!

Studio-Flock-geometric surface patter ply furniture

Image: Studio Flock

Launched this month in collaboration with surface design studio Metier, each table is digitally UV printed on ply and comes with a selection of 3 colours for the hairpin legs. I could see it in so many places in the house, it would work just as well as a stand out piece in a fairly neutral modern Scandi room as it would in a room that is already loaded with eye catching design. I’ve long been a fan of Zoe Murphy‘s furniture with patterned surfaces, I love so much of her vintage mid-century furniture finds that she makes bespoke screen printed designs for. But these are completely beautiful and actually at quite an accessible price point for great design, starting at £385 for the smaller coffee tables here, or if you’re both on a budget and don’t have space like me, buy a cushion, they’re only £45 and really stunning. Go and check out all of the Studio Flock collaborations, one to watch…


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