Design Crush #7

November 21, 2015

Freud teaball cafetiere


Now that the winter chill has really started to bite I have developed habits for hot drinks and croissants. Maybe winter should be a time for bowls of granola and nutritious bulk but it’s also the time one feel most like cosy-ing decadently with something far less worthy. And is there anything more timelessly decadent than well made English tea-sets? This one is sleek and may owe more than a nod to French or modern Italian design, but it’s actually made by a British company that formed to bring the interwar cafe-bar culture of Vienna to London.   Freud have a reputation for doing a mean line in cocktails entirely in keeping with these decadent wares.

This stylish cafetière and Teaball is made from high quality stainless steal with walnut handles and comes in two sizes. If you like your brew served in rather splendid design then you are likely as in love with them as I am. So, Design Crush #7 goes to the fabulous design of the Freud tea set. I rather like the smaller ones which retail at £68 for the small cafetiere and £74 for the teapot. The Teaball is hard to obtain in the UK, I found it at We Are Vessel but you can buy the cafetière amongst other wares from a great little shop I recently discovered called Such & Such.






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