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November 21, 2013

Kitsch Der Snow person Christmas Figurines

My favourite things at the moment: Yvonne Ellen ceramics, Carluccio’s packaging, the Rotunda stairs at Tate Britain, kitsch Christmas figurines and the French film Goodbye First Love.


  1. Finding these wonderfully kitsch and cute figurines at my very favourite local store – The Paint House on Northcote Rd. Who knew that finding suitable pieces for my snowdome was going to be so easy!?!
    Kitsch Der Snow person Christmas Figurines
  2. If there’s one thing Carluccio’s are always on the money with its their amazingly enticing and covetable packaging. And this Christmas they have really excelled themselves. I want it all, from the gold chocolate stars to the nostalgic advent calender and most definitely this glorious Pandoro in exquisite box.  This is a major hint to Dan, I hope he’s listening….Carluccios Christmas packaging Panetone, pandoro, advent calendar, bonne natale
  3. The staircase at the newly re-opened Tate Britain, so stark and opulent, just stunning, I can’t wait to visit it and muse on it in real life.
  4. Yvonne Ellen‘s wonderful vintage tableware with modern customisations available at her Etsy Shop, found via Domestic Sluttery. I had to buy these Giraffe plates because they were just too cute to resist, but I am also charmed by her gin tea cup and Perky Puffer plate:Yvonne Ellen ceramics
  5. We watched a lot of movies this week, the very best of which was Mia Hansen-Love’s latest film ‘Goodbye First Love’. There is something really intimate but unobtrusive about her film making, she treats characters with the lightest of touches. Her previous project The Father of My Children was easily the best foreign film of 2009 and this is a pretty exceptional follow up.

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