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Pared Back Luxe Lounging with the Slow-Mo Sofa from Loaf

September 30, 2020

[AD – In collaboration with Loaf]


I love the turn of the seasons, all of them. Both the awakening and the slowing, the first shards of sunlight and the days that fade faster. But autumn particularly. The burnt hues of autumn leaves and foliage, the softness of candle light in daytime, crisp/dewy mornings, warming soup, the return to slippers, winter festivals, nature at its most stark, and above all getting cosy earlier during the darker evenings. Read More


Sofa Choices with The Lounge Co

August 31, 2016

The Lounge Co_Poppy_George_theloungeco.com

Image: Poppy Sofa by The Lounge Co.


I love all seasons, but right about now I usually start dreaming pretty heavily about fall. What an incredible month of sunshine we’ve had, topped by the fair weather final bank holiday of the season as a fitting swan song to summer. And now it’s that time of year again when the school calendar starts to loom and if you’re a bit too enthusiastic like me you may even have a glint in your eye for Christmas. Certainly for many it’s a time we start to think about getting snugly, right? Hot drinks, winter walks, mooching around in doors, lounging, hot baths, comfort and dark evenings entertaining at home. Well then I think it’s probably also the perfect time to talk about sofa choices!


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