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June 20, 2013

Riess White Enamel ladel set skimmer

My favourite things right now: Riess enamelware, Linklater’s latest film Before Midnight, Eton mess in summer, Francoise Sagan’s A Certin Smile.


  1. Once every decade (or there abouts) Richard Linklater produces a new installment of his Sunrise films. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Before Sunrise (1994) and Before Sunset (2003) are two of my very favourite films, I have watched them more times than I care to admit. I have an aversion to Chick-Flicks and Rom-Coms but Jesse & Celines story is cleverer than that, the first two installments were hopelessly romantic, smart, gritty, inventive and true cult classics. Tomorrow the latest installment Before Midnight is released – untold joys! Looking at the trailer I think this one will be a lot bleaker but as a document of love spanning two decades expectations are high…
  2. I didn’t bake anything at all this week, however I did have a lovely meal at Bills with very fabulous company which included my death row desert – Eton Mess, not much I wouldn’t do for an Eton Mess…Bills restaurant Eton Mess Strawberry
  3. Reading Francoise Sagan’s A Certain Smile – a wonderfully subtle novella.
  4. Kitchen renovation re-continues apace – thank god, the chaos is starting to grind, and so in celebration I have treated us to a lovely enamel ladle set made by Austrian company Riess from Objects of Use.Riess White Enamel ladel set skimmer

2 thoughts on “The Edit

  1. Rachel

    So looking forward to the latest installment of Jesse & Celine, although maybe being the same age as them it will be a bit close to the bone (they have twins girls too!)

    1. godardgirl

      Hey lovely, indeed, was discussing it with Kat and saying how for us it’s like seeing life projected forwards, I really related to Before Sunrise when I was 23, now I relate to Before Sunset, I guess Before Midnight will be the same, have avoided all reviews though, don’t want to ruin it. Pretty sure I’ll be up for seeing it twice if you fancy going together? Xxxx


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